Cover credits: Photo by Jamie Mahon Photography & Design
Lady Amaranth is an amazing and beautiful goth model from London, UK , her work is well known by many she’s became a Goth icon for goth fashion but even with all her work she toke the time to give us this interview showing all how Goth can really mean Amazing. 1. How would you describe yourself?As a little girl trapped in a woman’s body forced to live in a world that makes very little sense... Read More
Cover credits: Outfit: Aglasis Couture, Photo: Marko Stamatovic Studio / Atelje Stamatovic
Gothic soul inside and out that just can’t get enough of the darker side of life, plus the gorgeous doll gothic look she rocks in front of the camera! By day Obsidian is a graphic designer with the master degree; by night she takes her artistic skills along with her on shoots. Balancing between beautiful and morbid, she enjoys creating new styles for every shooting – from bizarre to victorian and elegant, subtle, refined and... Read More


I’m sure that all gothic souls out there know the brand called Punkrave,  they mainly engaged in offering Punk and Gothic and Steampunk fashion The idea of Punkrave brand is to create a style which is different from all the traditional styles and matches the new generations, thus cultivating a culture of alternative style. Attention to detail and the use of luxurious fabrics is what I appreciate the most about this brand. This shop has... Read More
Well by now all of you know that we team up with some designers, brands, and shops and make our own photoshoot collaborations, something that we are very proud of because this way we can show our creative side and show all of you our own view of a Gothic and Amazing style. This time we paired up with The Gothic Shop once again, we have known this shop for a very long time now... Read More

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