Cover Photo Credits: Model/Makeup: Darya Goncharova, Jewelry: Aeternum Nocturne Gothic jewelry, Glove: Ателие Силфида
B.Kostadinov  is an amazing photographer from Bulgaria, a lot of his work catches our attention, if you still don’t know him here is a good chance. 1. How would you describe yourself?I’m the type of person that tends to spend too much time trying to figure out why exactly this question was asked and what kind of answer is expected – philosophical or simply biographic. Regarding the latter – I’m a photographer, musician and recording/mixing... Read More
This time I’m presenting you a shop called Wonderland 13, they are based in Ulm, Sout of Germany and they actually have the best customer service I ever had the pleasure to encounter, on both occasions I had a lot of help making sure I was really getting what I was looking for,  I made a lot of question about sizing and fabrics and fabric cuts and always got a fast helpful replay what helped me... Read More


So for this review, we used the White blind Zombie, the Orange crazy Frog, and the Gray mist Dragon. The packaging is practical, keeping the lenses apart from each other safe and clean, still, it’s very easy to open, which is not often the case with lenses. Lenses are very soft which can give you a hard time putting them but as soon as you do you won’t feel them making them very comfortable to... Read More
Cover credits: Model: Mellifère, Photographer: Z. Vision
Videnoir Couture is a handmade, hand-print lingerie and corsetry brand where you can find unique, one-of-a-kind theatrical items to adorn your outfits. Alis, the owner of Videnoir Couture, quit her job as a costume maker for the theatre and created her own brand at the beginning of 2014. Hi Alis, thank you for taking some time off your schedule for this interview. Let me begin by asking you how you first got in corsetry and... Read More

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