Lucardis Feist is an amazing German Fashion designer.  Creating extravagant fashion, especially wedding gowns, was once a childhood dream that came true and now it’s known worldwide. Many people around the world visit her Design-Atelier in the north of Germany to get a taste of magic that can make  their fairy tale day unique and unforgettable. Don’t lose the chance to meet this amazing lady and her work in this exclusive interview and you may... Read More
Hello and welcome! Today, I will save you from danger and show you the 10 mistakes to avoid while playing the Ouija game. After that, I’m going to share with you how you can use the Ouija board the right way, so this article is going to be a little do’s and don’ts lesson. Before we dive in make sure you read everything to get the best but also the safest experiencein the spirit game.... Read More


Goodbyes are always harsh, some more than others, and some carry the promise of something better in the future. This is the kind of goodbye I ran into once I finished watching Castlevania Season Four, created and written by Warren Ellis. The story shows us several starting points, each one for the respective characters: Trevor and Sypha exhausted from traveling and fighting relentlessly, Alucard trying to regain faith in humanity, Saint Germain with a new... Read More
Cover credits: Outfit: Aglasis Couture, Photo: Marko Stamatovic Studio / Atelje Stamatovic
Gothic soul inside and out that just can’t get enough of the darker side of life, plus the gorgeous doll gothic look she rocks in front of the camera! By day Obsidian is a graphic designer with the master degree; by night she takes her artistic skills along with her on shoots. Balancing between beautiful and morbid, she enjoys creating new styles for every shooting – from bizarre to victorian and elegant, subtle, refined and... Read More

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