Cover credits: Model: Sandra Veličanstvena
If all the photographers are wonder makers, then she can make true miracles using only her talent, camera and natural light. Martina Špoljarić is young Croatian photographer whose work makes you feel like it’s from world of fantasy. The way she uses light is inexplicably wonderful. She creates amazing dark atmosphere and mind-blowing photos of the people and nature. If you want to know more about this lovely photographer and her work, just keep reading! 1. When... Read More
Today I present you the online shop called Punkravestore, they specialize in providing the best punk, gothic, and steampunk outfits from the brand that we all know Punkrave, and as we also know they have styles to fit every taste.  Punkravestore has a large team that will answer your every question in a short period of time. The delivery is fast and safe I would say no more them 2 weeks for Europe, and clothes... Read More
Lucardis Feist is an amazing German Fashion designer.  Creating extravagant fashion, especially wedding gowns, was once a childhood dream that came true and now it’s known worldwide. Many people around the world visit her Design-Atelier in the north of Germany to get a taste of magic that can make  their fairy tale day unique and unforgettable. Don’t lose the chance to meet this amazing lady and her work in this exclusive interview and you may... Read More
Make up artist, alternative model and wool dreadlock maker. She began her adventure with alternative modeling when she met her boyfriend, who is also a photographer. They did many photoshoots together, so she could develop her makeup and modeling skills. Later she joined “Altergroup Poland” and started to take part in alternative fashion shows and photoshoots in polish alternative community.  Usually she prefers pagan and witchy themes, however sometimes she likes to try something new,... Read More

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