Victorian Goth is one of the most twidespreadand iconic looks in goth fashion, inspired by Victorian era fashion, art and sensibilities. Since Victorian era influenced much of the Goth aesthetic... Read More
Claudia Melim is an amazing creative photographer from Portugal, she is also the owner of Wicked Wonderland Photography so if you don’t know any of this names you sure don’t know what you are missing. Make sure not to miss this chance to get to know this talented girl and her work in this interview  1. How would you describe yourself?I’m not very good at talking about myself but let’s give it a try. Above all,... Read More
A soft breeze caressed her in the face when she closed the box. The many belts were secured in less than a second after she pressed the black bottom hidden inside a pocket with an embroidered seven-pointed star. It was one of the very few things she never left when moving from one city to the other. This one was particularly interesting. It was filled with markets and libraries, there were a couple of bars... Read More


Cover credits: Photographer: Natalia Lefay, Coat: Devilnight UK, Jewellery: Alchemy Gothic at The Gothic Shop
Valentin van Porcelaine is one of the few male models the gothic community has to offer. Usually referred to as Vampire Prince, Valentin is a silver haired model and costume designer from Germany. He has worked with many well known brands such as The Gothic Shop and Alchemy Gothic. 1. Hi Valentin, thank you for taking some time to chat with us. How would you describe yourself?Thank you very much for the invitation. I love Gothic and... Read More
Cover credits: Photo: Yumikasa Photography, Headpiece:
Absentia – founder of the Veil workshop, designer and model living in Poland. Long-term collector and enthusiast of corsets. Her designs of hair accessories and clothes are characterized by subtlety and elegance, often drawing from gothic estetic. Her second love is music. She is currently cooperating with project Narrenturm as a vocalist. Her favorite music genre are coldwave, darkwave and death rock. Absentia is passionate about photography, which she is trying to master not only... Read More

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