Pining to watch something that oozes sensual morbidity, gothic horror, tightly-laced corsets, melancholy characters, and the backdrop of a gray and gritty England? The films and television series featured here have at least one or a combination of these components. Although by no means an exhaustive compilation of cinema with a 19th-century dark edge, these are a few of the best contemporary works the Victorian Goth will fancy. Corpse Bride 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.... Read More
Goodbyes are always harsh, some more than others, and some carry the promise of something better in the future. This is the kind of goodbye I ran into once I finished watching Castlevania Season Four, created and written by Warren Ellis. The story shows us several starting points, each one for the respective characters: Trevor and Sypha exhausted from traveling and fighting relentlessly, Alucard trying to regain faith in humanity, Saint Germain with a new... Read More


Ellone Andreea is a young model , photographer and stylist from Romania, she is a very crative soul and you probably head about  her pictures and vídeos but now , take a few minutes to learn a bit more about her and her goals. 1 – How would you describe yourself? I consider myself to be kind of a shy person, but that changes drastically once I get to know someone and feel comfortable around... Read More
Cover credits: Model & Styling: Kseniya Arhangelova, Dress: Belinda Barry
Annie Bertram is an amazing gothic photographer with an unique kind of vision, she is working for more the then 15 years and has numerous publications , exhibitions and books as well. Her work is inspired by fairy-tails our movies but etch photo-shoot tells a different story. She is from Zurich, Switzerland but you can see her work all over the world . 1. How would you describe yourself?I would describe myself more as an... Read More

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