Cover credits: Photographer: WikingArt, Makeup: Dorota Malecka Makeup
From the girl who likes posing to photographers to an alternative model with amazing romantic style, she is climbing to the throne of Gothic Culture and winning the hearts of fans of Gothic/Alternative scene. Revena is another amazing alternative model from Poland, whose signature is perfect look in corset, red hair and seductive eyes. Keep on with the reading and you will get to know a little more about this lovely Lady. 1. When did... Read More
Cover Photo Credits: Model: Fairyworld, Costume & headdress: Jumeria Creations
Simone Richter is a very creative photographer from German, her pictures speak for themselves so if you still don’t know her amazing work don’t miss out this chance. 1. How would you describe yourself?First I`m creative, often a little chaotic but with a strong leaning towards perfection2. How did you get started in photography?By chance… so I am self-taught and my approach is – you live and learn. In passage of time, however, my work has become... Read More
Cover credits: Outfit: Aglasis Couture, Photo: Marko Stamatovic Studio / Atelje Stamatovic
Gothic soul inside and out that just can’t get enough of the darker side of life, plus the gorgeous doll gothic look she rocks in front of the camera! By day Obsidian is a graphic designer with the master degree; by night she takes her artistic skills along with her on shoots. Balancing between beautiful and morbid, she enjoys creating new styles for every shooting – from bizarre to victorian and elegant, subtle, refined and... Read More
Cherrylips is an alternative model from Barcelona who entered the world of alternative fashion photography 15 years ago. She has been the image for renowned designers such as Bibian Blue with which she also participated in the haute couture catwalk for the 11:11 (Eleven/Eleven) collection. She was featured on a few Magazine Covers like  Bizarre Magazine, Gothic Girl Magazine, and book covers, she can do it all you can also find her as a co-host... Read More

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