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    Darkside of Belgrade Fest 2018

    D.O.B. promotion proudly presents second “Darkside of Belgrade Fest”, an idea born to give voice and space to underground goth / electro subculture. “Darkside of Belgrade Fest” is a unique event,…

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    Punkrave Giveaway

    *Like Punkrave Page ( *Like Gothic and Amazing Page *Tag a friend in comments *Like and Share this picture in public mode Good luck to all!…

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    Entropy Coding

    Born in the 2015, Entropy Coding is a band created by the keyboardist and main composer Susanna Coltrè. The main purpose of this project is to reinterpret in a new way…

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    Sonic Prophecy

    Sonic Prophecy takes influences from the Great Old Gods of the Pantheon of Heavy Metal! Their aim…to join their inspirations on those giddy Olympian Heights and bring the glory of heavy metal…

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    Trickery Review by Kali Noir Diamond

    Review and photos by Kali Noir Diamond   Trickery launched in August, 2016 and they are a small family orientated team located in Australia. Trickery is their first major design enterprise, and…

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    Elephants Home Giveaway!

    *Like Elephants Home Page *Like Gothic and Amazing Page *Tag a friend in comments *Like and Share this picture in public mode  Good luck to all!…

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    When two long-time friends with totally opposite music tastes and backgrounds decide making music together, the result can only be eclectic and absolutely contradictory. JUNKSISTA is the sonic firework – the…

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    Too Fast

    Too Fast is one of the original punk, goth, & metal clothing retailers. Thirteen years later, in our humble opinion, we are still one of the best! Shop small, stay true…