Cover credits: Photo: Yumikasa Photography, Headpiece:
Absentia – founder of the Veil workshop, designer and model living in Poland. Long-term collector and enthusiast of corsets. Her designs of hair accessories and clothes are characterized by subtlety and elegance, often drawing from gothic estetic. Her second love is music. She is currently cooperating with project Narrenturm as a vocalist. Her favorite music genre are coldwave, darkwave and death rock. Absentia is passionate about photography, which she is trying to master not only... Read More
Cover credits: Model: Coatie Pop Sooperstar Hair & MUA: Heather Moss
1. How would you describe yourself?I’m a pretty laid back guy most of the time. I do get excited about my photography though. There are those times when everything comes together perfectly and I get a little worked up, haha. Most of all, I’m never really satisfied with where I’m at. That keeps me pushing and growing as an artist. I’m always eager to try something new and push the boundaries of not only myself... Read More
Once upon a time … this is a true love story, once again we paired up with PunkraveStore and DianaRosa in an amazing collaboration Photoshoot. We went to a beautiful private beach in a perfect autumn sunset, Diana Rosa modeled and even danced in a breath-tacking Victorian dress by Punkrave (WQ- 419). It’s a majestic long black dress in a mix of cetin and lace with an off-shoulder design and beautiful double-layered sleeves decorated with... Read More
This time I’m presenting you a shop called Wonderland 13, they are based in Ulm, Sout of Germany and they actually have the best customer service I ever had the pleasure to encounter, on both occasions I had a lot of help making sure I was really getting what I was looking for,  I made a lot of question about sizing and fabrics and fabric cuts and always got a fast helpful replay what helped me... Read More

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