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    Rebel Souls

    Rebel Souls is a death metal project originally hailing from Thuringia, Germany, that was founded in 2000 by then 17-year old Thomas Plewnia and Stefan Hielscher. Their current sound is defined…

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    Liturgy of Decay

      At the crossroads between a deeply gothic style (in an almost literal meaning of the word), carried by a misty and originally disenchanted religiosity which gathers inspiration in centuries-aged musical…

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    Blackened Symphony

    The AGR staff is glad to announce the addition of Italian act Blackened Symphony to its roster of artists and releases of 2017. This Contemporary Metal outfit was born in Italy in 2006, the band…

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    G&A issue #10 Corsetry is now available!

    Our new issue is now available on both digital and print versions! Find inside interviews with Silverrr and Royal Black Couture & Corsetry. Articles “Love affair with Corsets”, “How I…

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    Endless Night: Los Angeles Vampire Ball 2017

    THE GLOBE THEATRE in Downtown LOS ANGELES welcomes the world famous ENDLESS NIGHT VAMPIRE BALL with impresario Father Sebastiaan to host the Los Angeles “Anti-Valentines Day” 2017. CELEBRATING a gathering of…

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    Coalescaremonium 2017 “Pagan Electrics”

    Like previous years we organise a gothic festival in Brussels, and for the 5th edition we chose the theme “Pagan Electrics”. We invited bands like Inkubus Sukkubus (pagan goth rock), Dordeduh…