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Hi guys today I bring you the alternative fashion shop called 13wonderland 13, it’s based in Germany (so sometimes the website can be a bit confusing for non-German speakers) but they have someone from their team always ready to help you out and make sure you get really what you want, it’s a shop where you can find all kinds of brands da everyone knows and loves, like Killstar, Restyle, Burleska, Punkrave, Darkinlove, Sinister just to name a few and you can buy from dresses to hats to bags and shoes so you can for sure find anything you are looking for. Delivery is fast and everything comes rasped up very nice, every time I get a parcel from them I always feel like a special client because of the nice wrapping the sticker it always feels like you are getting a present.

For this photoshoot we teamed up with our model and mua Sienna Sally, and since we are locked down we improvised a photoshoot and we are super happy with the results, hope you all like it as well, so we choose a Killstar dress named Ceres Chaos Lace at 1st you look at it and you and you think “it must be something wrong this is like a stockings box” well when you take it off the box it’s time for a wow, very beautiful soft and mega stretchy lace. When the model put it on it was time for one more wow, you can see all the beautiful lace detail and it’s super comfortable, so this is for sure a must-have, sexy and comfortable are the perfect combination.

In some pictures we also paired it up with a breathtaking necklace from Wonderlandmc98, will amazing gold chains, wonderlandsmc98 never disappoints.

Note: By the way you can also buy some wonderlanmc98 necklaces on this shop , so you can get the full look.

And has I always say Dare to be unique…  

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