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Winter Storm

Dark Melodic Female Fronted Metal band hailing from the UK

Winter Storm are a Five piece Dark Melodic Female Fronted Metal band hailing from the West Midlands, United Kingdom. The band began in 2008 with a vision to create music that would be heavy, atmospheric, whilst still retaining traits of the Gothic Metal sound, but providing a more Melodic Metal edge, being cited as a breath of fresh air in the melodic metal genre in album reviews.

They stand-alone in that we focus on a heavy, metal, riff-based edge, allowing us to stand alone alongside our fellow femme bands. Our style is individual it its unique twist on classic,progressive and power metal.

Since 2009, Winter Storm have supported: Alestorm, Mortad, Delain, Sirenia, The Birthday Massacre, Theatres Des Vampires, Sarah Jezebel Deva (Ex Cradle of Filth), Die So Fluid, ReVamp, To-Mera, Lahannya, Achilla, Triaxis, Evil Scarecrow, Idiom, Voodoo Johnson, Raggedy Angry, The Eden House and more.

 In 2010, Winter Storm released their debut album, Serenity In Darkness. The album features fan favourites such as; The Embrace, Prison Cell, Firedancer and Internal Storm.


Hannah – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitars
Wayne – 7 String Rhythm Guitars
Doomsday – Keyboards/Synths
Kim – Bass Guitar
(Session drums by Richard Marsden)

Photographer: Gary Moore


Find more information about Winter Storm here:

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