Speed Symphonic Metal from France
Wildpath is born in 2001, their first album – «Nyx Secrets» – is released in Japan in 2006. It soon enters HMV’s music stores Top 50 and the band is selected as one of the 5 best heavy metal newcomers of the year. A second album, «Non Omnis Moriar» (2009), and a 3rd, «Underneath» (2011, along with an extra CD featuring the orchestral version of the entire album), are released internationally by Brennus and StayGold.

With a strong worldwide support, from both fans and reviewers, Wildpath are back in 2015 with «Disclosure». They are once again firmly determined to conciliate rock, metal, electro, folk, symphonic and traditional music with a constant care for harmony and energy.

Always willing to startle, to let the listener discover what lies underneath each of the music notes, always changing headings and tempo Wildpath invite you to a trip, a trip where each stop and curve, on the wildest of paths, reveal their share of amazement.

-Marjolaine Bernard: Singer
-Alexis Garsault: Keyboards
-Olivier Caron: Guitar
-Matthias Bouyssou: Guitar
-Nicolas Lopes: Bass & voice
-Pierre Mahier: Drum

Photographer: Marion Cano


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