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Wildbangarang Review by Eleine

by Eleine


I’ve never seen a shop offering leggings like Wildbangarang before. It was a huge surprise!

I’m not wearing leggings that often, but I liked the unique style.  The leggings I received is looking both awesome to my every day jacket AND as gymtights. It’s the coolest workout clothing I’ve ever worn. 🙂

They’re really comfortable and I was worried about one thing when it comes to leggings with this much print – it always make my legs look bigger, but not this time! They look GREAT. Thank you! 🙂

Photo credits:
Singer/model: Eleine
Photo: GRANN Photography
Leggings: Wildbangarang
Earrings: Wonderlandmc
Bindi: Nocturne Jewellery

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