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Interview with Visionatica


Orchestra arrangements, brachial metal riffs and the exceptional soprano voice from Amara are the hallmark of Visionatica

“The One, who sings with the wolf”

They’re coming from Nuremberg, Germany, one of the cradles of metal music. Their music is unique, so you can describe their music as “Orchestra arrangements, brachial metal riffs and the exceptional soprano voice from Amara are the hallmark of Visionatica” Their original and influential music is making them win the hearts of the fans from all around the world and climbing to the top of stairs of the music world.

The Visionatica are: Amara – Vocals, Manuel – Guitar, Georg – Bass, Gerhard – Drums, so please stay tuned and meet this amazing band and their singer Amara, who answered these questions for you!

1. What is your biggest inspiration in creating such an amazing music?
Our biggest inspirations are the bands like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation and Delain. But also fantasy movies are a big inspiration.

2. Tell us little bit about the history of the band? How did you start the “Visionatica” story and when?
Manu and I met first 2014. We both show our ideas on demos, than we put our ideas together and created the songs. Very fast we knew that Visionatica is something big.

After that we create the band.

3. Who is band’s biggest influence and inspiration in creating these beautiful songs?
There are many inspirations like bands, movies or also stories and myths.

4. I read that your debut album “Force Of Luna” were produced in association with producer Timon Seidl, composer Armin Haas and the renowned Gate Studio, which already worked for metal sizes as Avantasia, Epica, After Forever and Rhapsody, so could you share some details and feelings about that? How was your experience to work with such a great names in music industry?
We were very proud and happy to work with these guys. The experience was great and unforgettable. We gave our best and they give their best.

5. How did you come up with the album name “Force of Luna”?
I’m very interested in myths, wolves, nature and so the moon. These things have such an amazing attraction. The idea was that the music should exactly reflect this attraction like the moon.

6. While I was enjoying in your latest video for the song “She Wolf” I couldn’t help but ask you: Are you planning to make a video for some another song?
We already have made a new music video for our song “Certainty of Benevolence.”

7. How does it feel to “share stage” with such great bands as: Xandria, Stratovarius, Serenity etc.? Do you have some favorite musicians with whom you would like to perform or share stage in future?
It was great! We were very happy and enjoy it. To tour with Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation or Sirenia were a big dream.

8. Do you personally attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
I visit sometimes concerts and festivals, but I also enjoy the music at home or in the car.

9. Who is your biggest support in your impressive career? Who gives you strength to keep creating this beautiful music?
My boyfriend, friends and family.

10. Do you have some plans for this year or for the future that you would maybe like to share with us or simply “feed” us with small hint? Where can we see you perform these days?
On 17.09 we are on “Metal night Wotufa” at Neustadt Orla.

On 01.10 we are at “ArsVitae Café” at Rodewisch and on 5.11 we are at the “Quibble” in Nuremberg.

11. Tell us something about your national and international band tour. Are you planning to visit other countries in Europe?
At the moment everything is in Germany, but we hope and wish to play also around Europe and the world.

12. What do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
The highlight of our career was when we have been honored to play with Xandria.

13. We came to the end of this amazing interview. It was more than a pleasure to chat with you, so what would you leave as a message to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Thank you too, it was really fun.  We want to thank our loyal fans for supporting us.

We are very happy to have you. You can continue to be excited.

We don’t want to disappoint you!

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