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Interview with Tuahadedana

Internationally published Artist & Designer based in Germany

Cover credits: Photographer: Justine louise photography, Model: Betty machete

Having your own brand is exciting but can also be a challenge. How easy or difficult was it to actually create Tuahadedana?

I am a dressmaker of passion. I sew and paint since I was a little child. After i became a professional tailor I had worked for many years at a theatre before I opened my label. I called my pieces – „ heart pieces“ of mine , because every piece is a piece of my heart.

I am a fulltime artist, which means it’s not only a job it is a passion that carries me. There is nothing more beautiful than to look back at the end of the day and spot all my new created headpieces/collara.

Can you tell us the story behind your brand name? How did you come up with it?

tuahadedana= tuatha de danann, the people of goddess Dana. I founded my celtic love in the 90s , when I had started to visit medieval markets.

Why Dark Romantic pieces, do you feel related to any alternative life style?

I would not call them „Dark romantic pieces“. Although I’ve been in the goth scene since I was 15 years old, and I’ve been a regular visitor of the WGT since 1994. I love many styles and many epoches of historical fashion. Actually one of my collections “back to nature” is dedicated to all my pagan and nature loving ones, and the “goth couture” is the one that offers classic elements in black with silver/gold/copper elements.

Your creations are unique, as with every handmade brand. What inspires you when creating a new design?

I get inspired by all  different culuteres, the nature, all the books and fairytales I read and movies I saw. Too many ideas and not enough time to realize them all.

What do you think makes Tuahadedana stand out from other brands?

I create only „one of a kind“ pieces and I always have „artistic freedom“. All designs are created by myself and I’m thoughtful to add high quality materials and workmanship , I attach great importance to the wearing comfort.

Do you still remember the 1st one you made, how do you feel about it looking back at it now?

The first dress with hat , sewing completely by hand….I did when I was about 16 years old. But every pieces is like the „first one“ for me.

Do you accept custom orders or just customization of existing designs?

Yes, I do accept custom orders in keeping my creative freedom to craft some unique piece that will match the customs idea and taste.

What’s the biggest challenge in your work?

I think the biggest challenge is to keep reinventing and creating stuff that has not existed before.

With so many beautiful pieces you must have many requests for photo collaborations, what makes you say yes to a project? 

I am a very emotional person, I usually decide on my intuition if i do a collaboration with someone or not. But I love to work with other artist and creative people all over the world.

What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?

The first publication in a magazine last year, with a burlesquer dancer of which I ‘ve been a big fan for years.

Do you have some other passions besides your beautiful creations, any hobbies you really enjoy and cannot live without?

My cats, I love them. My graveyardphotography since many years and my interest in witchcraft (like herbalism & tarot).

Can you name 3 things you just can’t live without?

Well, my cats, the person I love and my needle and fabric!

If you could have anyone in the world wearing your pieces, who would you chose?

That’s my secret and I worked on it.

And about the future, what are your biggest goals in life, what more would you like to conquer?

My half timbered house in the midddle forest with many cats and a cuddly wood stove…but first in 2019 my first fashion show on a gothic festival in Germany.

Sadly, we have reached the end of this interview and I would like to thank you for taking the time to chat with us. What is the message you would like to leave to your fans, followers and our readers?

A big thank you to all who have supported me on this way so far.

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