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Trickery Review by Kali Noir Diamond

Review and photos by Kali Noir Diamond


Trickery launched in August, 2016 and they are a small family orientated team located in Australia. Trickery is their first major design enterprise, and they have  poured our hearts and souls into creating it.

Trickery embodies the mischievous and mysterious elements of our own nature. It’s fun, dark and quirky. The name was inspired by the trickster raven, a bringer of great magic and a beloved mascot among Gothic and Alternative cultures alike.

Their mission is to make unique designs – jewellery that tells a story. Their creations are for the defiant; those who wish to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. They are determined that not only are the designs intricate and beautifully crafted, but the materials are safe, trustworthy and of the highest quality.

For this review, I got the following items:

  1. Embrace ring in black
  2. Huntress ring in black
  3. Immortal earrings in black
  4. Immortal pendant in black
  5. Witchcraft pendant in black


The first thing I noticed is that all the jewelry comes in super cute coffin shaped boxes. They are just adorable, and can be kept as decoration or jewelry boxes. Inside, each piece is packed into a small velvet bag for protection. I just love those details <3

The pieces are heavy, in a good way, which means they do not bend or lose shape and definitely can not be broken easily, or at all.  I chose these pieces in black, but you can find most of them in silver too. The black ones have a beautiful full color, which gives the pieces an almost matte look, but there is also a discrete  shiny finish. You can adjust the length of the necklace and wear them as chokers or longer on your chest. There are different sizes for the rings which you can choose before ordering, to make sure they fit well.

The design is just out of this world, very elegant, very precise, with dark and mysterious aesthetics. It all has a perfect dose of the occult but it is still “serious” jewelry. By this I mean that you can wear it and combine it with some outfits you would wear in special occasions and still look elegant. Of course, they are perfect for everyday looks too, especially if you want that one dramatic detail to goth up your casual black jeans and shirt. I can honestly say I have not seen this level of quality and perfect design in very long time when it comes to jewelry, so you know you will get your money’s worth and more. This jewelry is made to last and to draw attention.

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