Metal band from Mallorca (Spain) formed in 2009.

Trallery -pronounced as Tragedy (/’træd??di/)- is a Metal band from Mallorca (Spain) formed in 2009 with a wide range of influences in their sound ranging from Thrash, Death, Groove Metal to Rock. The music of the band combines fast tempos, elaborated instrumentals, aggressive musicianship and powerful vocals.

It is in 2012 when the band enters “Psychosomatic Recording Studio” to record their first studio album, “Catalepsy”, which was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Miquel A`ngel Riutort (Mega), known for his works with bands like Metalium, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Threat Signal or Hirax, among many others.

During the launching process, Trallery participates in the national competition “Wacken Open Air Metal Battle”. After managing to beat the rest of bands in the preliminaries of the contest, Trallery won the national final in Barcelona and represented Spain in the international final in Germany at Wacken Open Air.

The band has been touring and playing shows since 2013 sharing stages with bands like Sodom, Lost Society, Crisix or Avulsed and performing in the biggest Spanish festivals.

The album called “Spiritless” was recorded at “Psychosomatic Recording Studio” mixed and produced by M.A`. Riutort (Mega) during December (2015), January and February (2016) and mastered by Hay Zeelen at “Hay Zeelen Mastering Studio Mallorca” and was released through Art Gates Records worldwide in the month of November 2016.

After a sucessful release and a tour presenting the album all over Spain Trallery is ready to release “Spirit on stage”.


Humberto Pol Castañeda: Bass & Vocals
Biel Gayà Arbona: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Sebastià Barceló Riera: Drums

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