A Thought Unleashed

A mix of all kinds of elements of Core, Metal and Rock.

It’s the year 2012 in Munich. The band “Bad Television”, which was already falling apart, had their last gig in February, after which the band members parted ways…until the end of the year…

Seeing as most members of the old project were getting bored a reunion was almost inevitable. This is why during the course of 2013 most of them got back together again. They were keyboarder Andreas, drummer Tim, singer Sonja and bassist Sven.

After a long search Nico was found in June; on the guitar he would complete the new project, which was now ready to present itself on stage. But 2014 was not an easy time for the band. Over the course of a few months Sven and later Tim and Nico sadly left the band.

They have since been replaced by Chris on the bass, Richard on the drums and another Richard on the guitar. That’s right, we have two Richards! Now that’s Metal! And thus “A Thought Unleashed” were born, rocking an even heavier sound than ever before! Music aiming at giving you the most fun during a live performance. Hard Breakdowns, groovy passages and melodic parts, everything interwoven by the alternating singing and screaming by Sonja and Andi’s growls.

This is what defines our sound. A mix of all kinds of elements of Core, Metal and Rock was created. We call it Party Metal…


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