The Wasteland Massacre

Band from Valencia, Spain

The origin of The Wasteland Massacre dates from September 2010 when David Sixto(drummer) and Eva María Gonzalez(vocals), decided to take on a new project with a powerful and expressive sound. Along with Fausto Núñez(guitarist), who was the first solid addition to the band.

Early projects and songs began to emerge when a new member joined the band as bassist on December 2010 (as the second and final incorporation, thus sealing the formation). On February 2011, the first concerts started to arise, always with self-composed songs, which slowly increased in number. In the summer of that year, they recorded their first demo by David S. Navarro (drummer). It was fully self-produced and later on offered as a free download. 2012 It´s being a “Massacre” year in Valencia (Spain): With appearances in Spanish radios and a great tour over this city and other places over the east coast in a lowcost tour. In mid-April the recording of the first album “A PATH TO WRATH” began, and after a couple of weeks between “Music rooms’ studio” and “Fireworks studio”, the album was released on June.

On September 2012, Alberto Garrigues (Ex-Arma Secreta) was incorporated as new bassist. With this new formation, The Wasteland Massacre joins the independet label Gothic Rec productions and release their first (self-produced) videoclip from the song “Origins” made by David S. Navarro, on January 1. On January 15, the band release “Unsettled” their new E.p.  Throughout the year, the band performed a national tour, which they called “Madness Tour ’13”, and touring around the country.

On June, Alberto Garrigues leaves the band, and On January 2014 does fausto temporarily. On April joins the band Karlos Arcas as new guitarrist, then the band starts creating new songs for a 3º LP. On June 2014 joins Frank Marco as bassist.


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