The State

Formed in 2010 from their headquarters in England, The State fuse industrial, rock, and post-punk into a dark and tortured alarm.

Taking their cue from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, The Cure and Gary Numan, The State aim to ensure that their live performances are as intense and rich as their studio works.

The State are currently wrapping up recording of their second album, Ministry of Truth, from which they have just released a single and a music video (Fairy Tales) and a previous single and video (Publice Service Announcement) was released last November. The album is due in April which will have a special limited physical release as a CD in a leather handmade journal and then from that point, they plan to embark upon a busy gigging schedule to promote the new release and to expand their influence and fan base.

In 2011, they remixed ‘Scanner’ by Gary Numan as part of a contest judged by the artist himself and won. The band have gone on to release 3 Eps, an album, and 2 singles.

The State consists of Andy Guy (vocals, synths, samples, guitar and programming), Ben Sitch (drums and samples) and Will Goodey (guitar and backing vocal).

“…steady dance-friendly martial beats, snarling punk vocals, gritty guitars and enticing electronics.”
–       Intravenous Magazine

“I…have been constantly impressed with their professionalism, work ethic, and great attitude towards their expanding fan base. The band show real enthusiasm for whatever they do, whether that be recording, mixing, promoting or putting together a dynamic live show.”
–       Oli Bell, producer
Groove Criminals

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