The Raudive

The Raudive are a three-piece alternative rock back from the flatlands of the East Anglian Fens in England.

Their new EP Future Transmissions features fourteen songs built around their core live sound of bass, drums, guitar and vocals with retro-futurist waves of minimal synth.

The Raudive’s music is haunted by the influences of early Cold Wave, Minimal Synth and Post-Punk bands.  Lyrically in songs such as An Ending and Shadow State, the EP reflects these influences further through obsessing over our darker moments of isolation, loss, breakdown and regret. Often the music, however appears to override the melancholy of the lyrics through the energy, power and fullness of the sound. The songs seem to offer up collected lights to ward off the darkness – ‘Motorway Hymns’ for the lost, isolated or lonely or ‘Future Transmissions’ with a promise of better times.

The EP was made with a deliberate DIY ethic and self-recorded primarily in a single session live in a converted aircraft hangar in the Fens. The raw sound stands in opposition to the illusion of perfection that modern commercial recordings aspire to. The resulting session was then mixed and mastered by Marc Atkinson and Owen Turner from Sick Room Studios.

The Raudive were formed in Cambridge, England and feature Marc Atkinson (Guitar, Vocals, Synths) Danny Davies (Bass) and Chris Watson (Drums). Their name comes from the Latvian Parapsychologist Konstantin Raudive. Raudive studied and promoted EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and believed it held proof of life after death and a possibility of communicating with the dead.

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