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Cover Images by BroadSword Comics (With permission from VP Holly Golightly)

I discovered this comic book series in the beginning of 2016 and have been reading it since then, patiently waiting for the next issue to come out and read it as soon as I can. Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose has become something more important and powerful than just a mere entertainment: a good way to learn morality, respect, self-discovery and an opportunity to see myself in some of the characters.

In January’s first days, I selected issue #100 as one of the best comics I read in 2016 when some people asked me to do a list, and now, I came to tell readers that there wasn’t any better way to start this new year than reading Tarot #102, which is titled as “The Acolyte.”

This issue offers a continuation for issue #88, or, to say it in a better way, the consequences for the events in such. After a battle, Raven Hex, the sister of the main character and a fan favorite of many, managed to trap one of the family’s enemies in a book of black magic, allowing her to study its content and learn from it.

However, for every action, there’s a consequent reaction, and so is she about to discover when someone decides to face her and get revenge. If any wants to know the result, go buy your copy! The comic is available in digital edition and many, really many different print editions, so you can choose the one you like the most!

Be sure to give this comic a chance if you’re interested in witches, ghosts, nudity, magic, epic fights and sexy girls, all with positive and important messages here and there, or a light reading that incorporates real witchcraft on the many plots, concepts from neo-paganism and that often come with additional material to learn more about the craft, then you need to read Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose.

The issues are always a light, fast reading, funny many times, with dramatic, surprising plot twist when you think you already know the ending and gorgeous artwork you will want to stare at for like… a lifetime? Maybe more, if possible, as it enchants the reader, transports to a different realm and gives a nice time that is worth the wait, as each new issue takes two months to be done.

This one in particular took me like five minutes, during which I lived everything that Raven experienced before, during and after the fight. Everything felt pretty real, and I really wanted to be inside the story so I could help her, as I feel some sympathy for her and her sister, Tarot.

However, and as I said before, this is not just about entertaining, not everything is only a funny trip to a magical world, as there are concepts that Jim Balent and Holly Golightly, The guys responsible for creating this comic, explore once again, as relationships under the master-pupil light, and the Three-Fold law.

Before explaining this, I must say that some descriptions may seem a little messed or hard to understand as it’s my priority not to give any spoiler on the plot, since I really hate it when I see a review, commentary or even analysis doing it. As a writer and journalist, I want the reading to remain special even when after reading several reviews, that this surprises you for better or worse, and that its essence remains untouchable. If I can do that, I consider myself sin-free.

I think this is the first time we see a relationship as this one portrayed in the comic, as there have been others from different kinds: romantic, sexual, abusive, poisonous, but this could be the only one involving two different sides of the same feeling, besides romance,
as are obsession and the desire of the forbidden, in this case, that of an apprentice for her master.

It’s something pretty common nowadays, but only if you see hentais with no plot or read stories written by teenagers on Wattpad. Before anyone says anything, these are just generalities, as I know and love to see that there are still exceptions on both cases, fortunately, but the thing is that these people are one of those exceptions.

With a thin line between obsessive interest and true, honest feelings towards a significant other, and I say obsessive because of how the apprentice describes her actions since Lord Thornwic’s disappearance. Maybe I’m just exaggerating, but I invite you to read Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #102 and share your opinions.

I must say I’m impressed on how Balent found a balance on these two faces, how to correctly combine them and give us the best of both: the vulnerability caused from the loss and the wrath of seeing the responsible, the desire to take back what it was ours before that person arrived, a contradictory feeling we all have experienced at some points in our lives.

Also, there’s the fact of another use of the Three-Fold Law, which is one of the most important rules in Wicca, a religion that serves as base for magical laws in this comic’s world.

It has been used before, but for those who keep it in mind, it’s easy to see why things ended that way and how karma affected both characters. It’s interesting because of its reminder nature, how it bring again a subject we often forget, pagans and not-pagans equally.

Tarot has always tried to offer some life-improving teaching on its issue, so the surprise is not to see this one included, but to see it again, as it was a long time since the last time it was present on the story. And I cannot deny I’m excited to see what happens after these, since it could lead to a great battle and change future events.

It was a matter of time to know what had become of our not-so-beloved Lord Thornwic, what consequences it would entail and how it might affect the lead witches’ world. I swear I’m more than happy on the answer I got in this issue.

I cannot put an end point without telling you not to forget to visit BroadSword Comics website and order the early incentive for Tarot #103, an anniversary issue as it’s a celebration for the 17 years of this wonderful world since it was created! You can say I have many expectations on this issue and will be waiting for it to come out!

Alan D.D.
Writer and Journalist.

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