Svartstorm is an extreme metal band formed in 2011 in Russia

Svartstorm was formed in 2011 in Saratov, Russia, and started to merge extreme metal music with abundant keyboards – the stuff the bandmembers thought was quite unusual for the local scene. The debut single “Scars Instead Of Wings” appeared on annual Saratov Independent Music Compilation CD, and the band started to gain its popularity.

In August 2012 Svartstorm took part in “Scandinavian Wind – A Tribute To Nordic Scene” compilation with their cover of Old Man’s Child “Swallowed By A Buried One”. In May 2013 the band released its debut EP “Scars Instead Of Wings” – the release got very positive reviews from the audience and Russian metal media. After some touring and several singles “Dead Town” EP dedicated to 30th anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster was released in April 2016 – the self-titled song is considered to be Svartstorm most popular hit. In March 2017 Svartstorm finally released its debut full-length album “Illusion Of Choice”. The band also took part in official Russian tributes to Lake Of Tears (2014) and Paradise Lost (2016).

Svartstorm took part in many local and regional festivals and open-air events: “SIM-2014” compilation presentation; “Right Bank 2014” bike-fest; “Metal Crowd 2014” (Belarus); “Russian Independence Day Rock Fest 2014”; “SMOK-Fest 2014”; “Folk-SMOK-Fest 2015”; “Grunev Festival 2014” contest winner as “The Best Metal Artist”; “Volga Metal Open Air 2015”. The band shared the stage with many famous Russian and foreign bands.

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