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Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial by ReeRee Phillips

Sugar Skulls traditionally are used as homage to the deceased within ones family. Typically very colourful and ornate, with the name of the loved one worn on the ornament. Although heavily involved in tattoo culture, this is a tradition that outdates modern tattooing practices, and western society, as we know it. It is estimates to have become common practice over 2,500 years ago!

So, to begin this makeup look, we need to apply some barrier spray to a fresh face. I then proceed to applying a base of white over my face, and blend down my neck, to fade into my natural skin tone.

I then go ahead and apply contouring. I have decided to utilize a colour theme (in this case, predominately blues and purples), and contoured my face with these colours. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the facial features.

With liquid liner, I mark out the eye circles, and add the adornments to the outer part of those. I highly recommend having some pictures for inspiration when attempting intricate makeup designs for the first time.

Once I have marked out the area around the eyes, I blend in some black, purple and blue eyeshadow, to create a multi-tonal ombre effect.

Moving on to the lips, I extend the outer points of my mouth, and then trace some lines, to somewhat emulate teeth. I then fill lip area with blue and purple, to continue with my colour theme.

This is the fun part. Adding the designs. You can use some inspiration, or you can allow your imagination and creativity to flow. One of the great things about this particular look, is that there are endless possibilities!

To finish up this makeup look, I add some liner and mascara to the eyes.

The finished look

Model: ReeRee Phillips
Photographer: Alterd_Mind
Choker: Nocturne Jewellery

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