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Sinister Review

By Silky

We all know Sinister is one of the greatest brands in the Gothic Victorian style, so when you receive a dress from them you are already super excited! When I opened the box and saw the dress for the first time I was already in love! But when I tried it, I just felt that that dress was perfect for me.

The fabric looks amazing and shiny but discreet at the same time and the lace is so soft and felt so comfortable!  The velvet matching cloak is so amazing that it looks magical. And did you saw the veil? The length is perfect! And the details on the lace are so beautiful. You can wear it in so many different ways and still look fabulous.

So, the time for a photoshoot came and I was so excited, this was a collaboration with Sinister and Gothic and Amazing and they chose me to model it and Mara (aka Eleán’Art) to make it come to live! The dress, the nature around me, my little ferret … All off this made me feel like a true goddess. It was so magical. Mara (aka Eleán’Art) was such a sweet and helpful professional. She gave me advice that really helped me to get into character.  And the beautiful cloak inspires me to be a magical creature guarding the forest.

It was a very special photoshoot because I was doing it with one of my fur kids, Vishous. He was such a good boy. He stayed so calm and curious about the people around, the sounds and smells. I really think he enjoyed his day at the park.

As you can see this dress is so versatile that you can even use it as a wedding dress! When I put the veil on and hold the flowers I feel like a true bride *laughs*. And when you see the look that your boyfriend gives when looking at you… You just know that is right!

One of the things that I like the most in these clothes is that they look as good in pictures as in real life! You can actually use them for a special day and look amazing, trust me!

I feel so blessed to do this work with Gothic and Amazing for such an awesome brand like Sinister! This is definitely a big highlight in my modeling career. I’m so happy with the results  the pictures really look out of a fairytale and I’m the magical princess guardian of the nature.

Photo Credits:
Model: Silky, Photo: Eleán’ArtOutfit: Sinister

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