Dark psych band based in Sacramento, California

Screature lumbers along its own shadowy path, a chimera stitched together from post-punk, ’67-era garage psych and early goth. Themes of the paranormal and life gone seriously awry permeate the songs. There are no happy endings- just endings.

Formed by four friends in the summer of 2011, Screature is a dark psych band based in Sacramento, California. Screature’s self-titled debut was recorded and mixed by Chris Woodhouse and released on the band’s own imprint, Ethel Scull Records in April 2013. Their second album, Four Columns was produced by Chris Woodhouse and released on Ethel Scull/Ss Records in July 2015.

Screature is Liz Mahoney – vocals, Miranda Vera – drums, Sarah Scherer – organ, Chris Orr- guitar

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