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Scarlet Darkness Black Dress Review

The lockdown is over and we went back to one of our favorite spots, “White Sands” this is a very special place because you forget that you are on planet Earth and it makes you dream and feel free again.

This time we teamed up with a gorgeous model called  Katlyn Caicy (get to know a bit more about her on our new magazine issue “Fetish Goths”) and the makeup artist Inês (aprimabeauty) to bring you a new this very new collaboration with the brand from a new with a brand called Scarlet Darkness, this brand was created in 2018 and they are based in Polland.

Their team is very helpful and I quit was surprised how fast the delivery was,  plus all pieces came banged in very nice individual bags with a nice cart from the brand itself.

They have a wide range of women and men alternative clothes, their main focus is on the classics from the medieval period.

They also have some Gothic Styles where they try to combine the early gothic to late baroque and rococo.

For this photoshoot, we chose a simple black dress combined with lace details, and let me just say that is one of those dresses that fits everyone and every style you can wear it simple or match it with an underbust corset to make it more exquisite, we chose to pair it up just with a wonderlandmc98 beautiful necklace to make a simple look that you can wear as an everyday look.

It’s super easy to put on and super comfortable to wear so this is for sure one of those pieces that is a must-have on your closet, this one will take you everywhere you want to go. 

Don’t forget Dare to be Unique


Model: @Katlyn Caicy

Photo: @Apov.visualartist

MUA: @Aprimabeauty

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