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Punkrave review

By Kali Noir Diamond

Long before I started modeling I used to admire this particular brand, because every time I would browse the net for Goth clothes, their pieces would just stand out from all the others. Unique designs, great attention to details and a wide range of outfits to choose from were always recognizable as their work. I would wear anything they made, anytime 🙂

The obstacle for me was the pricing. However, there are two important things to consider here. Standard in my country of origin and neighboring countries is seriously lower than in the rest of Europe or in USA for example. So, naturally, this won’t be a problem for everyone. The other, more important thing is what you actually get for the price, and trust me, when you compare those two, you get your every penny’s worth, and more. I remember when I first bought this brand’s shirt and took it out of the packaging, I was amazed by the fabric’s quality and thickness. Also, the precision of each aspect of manufacturing the clothes is perfect and it gives clothes a better visual effect as well a longer life. No faulty stitches or dangling bits and pieces, not a single little thing out of place or symmetry, it is a perfectionist’s heaven 🙂 It is just made to last for ages, you can see it. So, buying anything this brand made totally pays off, not only you will look awesome and different, but you will get a thing that you can wear, wash, wear again for a very long time, and combine it with all the other Goth items you have.

Punkrave founded their web shop in 2006, and their products include T-shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, sweaters and accessories. They have their own designing team which guarantees originality of their styles. The idea of Punkrave brand is to create a style which is different from all the traditional styles and which will be loved by new generations , and to cultivate alternative fashion and style. Their main influence is Punk style but they also find inspiration in Japanese fashion such as visual kei clothing, gothic lolita dresses and more underground western fashion.

I was honored to try out some pieces from their new collection, a shirt with a long hood and transparent sleeves, with belt details and a pair of trousers with faux leather belts and lacing. I was a little bit worried about sizing, because their photos for the web catalogue are made with a super skinny model representing the whole Japanese urban punk goth lolita idea. Don’t get me wrong, she is super cute, but everything seems too small for a bigger girl like me. But, I was pleasantly surprised once again when I saw the size range they offer. When the trousers came, I had no problem putting them on.

The shirt is a super fun piece, because you can wear it with just a bra underneath and pull off a hot sexy look but not too revealing or vulgar, or you can put on a shirt or any other top, a corset even, and cover up more. I loved the hood because it is not simply a fashion detail as I see it a lot, it is fully functional and long enough to cover the whole had and save your hair from the rain or cold 🙂 On top of that, it gives the shirt some extra badass flavor. Two belts on the side can be removed, placed differently, over the shoulders, under the armpits, or just left hanging from your chest, so you can change the look of this shirt as you like it.

The trousers completely blew my mind. It is a Goth esthetic fashion perfection! I loved it how comfy they are, despite the belts and lace and big faux leather parts. I could move easily, bend my knees, sit, stand up with no problem. In the photo they might look like leggings, but they are made of jeans-like stretching material and won’t show every imperfection on your body like some leggings do, and they are not too tight. You can wear them with high heels or platforms, sneakers or flat boots, they will look amazing in every combo 🙂

I definitely give my every recommendation for everyone to try something from Punkrave, you will surely find something you like, men and women. When you see and feel the quality, you will surely go back for more.

Photo credits: 
Model: Kali Noir Diamond, Photo: Vanic Photography

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