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Punkrave Review by Eleine

by Eleine


Punkrave, you never disappoint me 🙂

Rikard and I got ourselves matching gothic long coats. We had an idea for a photo shoot that’s like – ”Underworld” meets ”Abraham Lincoln – The Vampire Hunter” (google it, awesome styles!) and we had the perfect location.

The clothing was delivered fast as always, and the quality is great. The details on the clothing is simply amazing. The skulls on Rikards coat and the shoulder parts on mine.. it’s just the perfect details that gives you that little extra touch! We felt like a gothic queen and king at once we got dressed.

The photo shoot was successful. Rikard looks stunning, and I must say that I’ve felt beautiful, seductive, cute in other clothing before, but never felt this cool, haha! 🙂

Photo credits:
Singer/model: Eleine
Photo: GRANN Photography
Clothing: Punkrave

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