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Phaze Clothing Review

by Rikard

These are the clothes I wear in my pictures:

  • Luxury Wool High Top Hat (8 Inch)
  • Kiara Short Steampunk Grim Coat
  • Ella Brocade Contrast Steampunk Waistcoat
  • Short Steampunk Canvas Grim Coat

It didn’t take long until something caught my eye in the Phaze Clothing webshop.

There was everything from almost royal waistcoats to the most gothic grim coats.

Both grim coats combined with the high top hat was unbeatable. I felt dressed up, mysterious and relaxed at the same time. All keys to make a lasting impression with anyone that lay their eyes on you.

The steampunk waistcoat is great for a fancy look and as you can see, the gold does its thing when the light hits it.

All of the above plus fast shipping makes a visit to the Phaze Clothing webshop worth your while.

Find Phaze Clothing on:

Online Shop  Facebook Page  Instagram

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