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Phaze Clothing review

By Kali Noir Diamond

When I say “Goth fashion” most people hear “everything black with some lace, bats or leather parts”.  But, to those who are more into the Goth style, it can mean so much more, and they would ask “Witchy fashion? Classic goth? Victorian? Lolita? Fetish? Couture? Minimalistic? Corsetry?”. Yes, there are so many different subgenres and categories to Gothic style, and by the pace our alternative fashion world  is developing, soon there will be as many as in the mainstream fashion.

So, the choices are many, but that doesn’t always mean you will find good quality clothing that looks good both in the photo and on your body, and is of a reasonable price. I know, these three things are very hard to get all in one 🙂

In my modeling career I had a chance to work with some of the largest Goth brands, designers and big shops, and I discovered a whole new world of Goth clothing. That is when I realized one could get lost there, and not everything you see is worth the price tag. Fortunately, most of the big brands do provide a solid or great quality, but sometimes the thing you see in a photo or in a shop window looks bad on you, or feels simple and cheap when you touch it.

Recently, I got a great opportunity thanks to the supportive and professional team behind Gothic and Amazing project, to start a  collaboration with Phaze clothing, which I haven’t had experience with before. Gothic and Amazing works as a support network for alternative models, creating invaluable connections between us and shops, brands, designers, apart from all the great work they do promoting gothic fashion and lifestyle on social media, their official website and magazine.

Phaze has been around for 25 years now, manufacturing and wholesaling all aspects of alternative clothing and accessories. Their designers are well known for the ability to adapt to the ever changing music and fashion scenes  and create dynamic new styles relevant to the various cult movements.

Even though I am a Goth, and a model, I do have a specific taste in fashion, even in that specific enough category. I enjoy classic goth looks and all black corseted outfits, but I still want to stand out somehow. And this brand gave me just that, a refreshing, non-cliché goth outfit. The combination of fabric, and style was so fun and unusual, but still dark and elegant.

It came as a three piece outfit- a long skirt and a short top with long sleeves, leaving my ribs and belly uncovered, which is great because I have some tattoos I love showing off in that area 🙂 But, If I wanted to cover up, for a more formal occasion, or colder weather, I got an amazing long tunic vest in super fine black and grey brocade. This piece compliments and makes the whole outfit. It has a certain oriental-harem touch to it, which made me fall in love with it instantly.

Basically, I could pull off a super sexy look and a completely elegant one with the same pieces. This doesn’t happen that often.

Aside from looks, Phaze’s clothing is of extremely good quality that you can just see and feel right away. Thick and layered fabrics with interesting details, and a fit that can look good on different body shapes and sizes. I absolutely hate when brands make clothes that look good only on super skinny people. I felt comfortable the whole time, and nothing was itchy, pokey, or giving me troubles to breathe or move as I want.

The best part definitely is the fact that you would not go unnoticed in this outfit, whatever the occasion. You can stand out from the goth crowd, or be just as elegant and proper in a more mainstream event or gathering.  But, I don’t think anybody could wear this combo the same way. It does require an attitude of confidence and a desire to be different and turn heads, in a good way.

So, if you are looking for something like that, check out Phazeclothing’s collections and find your unique style and combination, boys and girls alike 🙂

Photo Credits
Model: Kali Noir Diamond, Photo: Vanic PhotographyOutfit: Phazeclothing.comJewelry: Choker Necklaces-Unikatni nakit

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