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Myril Jewels

Fantasy and Gothic Handmade Jewelry from Italy

My name is Lisa and I am an Italian girl, owner and designer of Myril Jewels, a virtual place where you can find unusual accessories and unique items.

Everything signed Myril Jewels is handmade or handassembled, but in any case it is made with passion, according to my tastes or to the customers’ ones. I also create custom items and I can modify colors and sizes to create a new, specific jewel and reach your satisfaction, which is my only one aim.

In my little and close-minded city I couldn’t find gothic cloths and accessories, and on the internet it is difficult to find good prices and good quality together. This is why I decided to make them on my own.

Myril Jewels wasn’t born with this name, infact at the beginning it was only a simple facebook page like many others, where I started sharing my newborn creations. After a while people started contacting me through the page, asking me to make them their own jewel, so I decided to create new items ready to be sold and then I changed the name.

The word “Myril” is composed by two elvish terms, “mir” (Jewel) and “ril” (shining), taken by the inspiring pieces of art of J.R.R. Tolkien.

“Fantasy” and “Gothic” are the perfect words to describe my art, because their worlds are my biggest source of inspiration. Also the Victorian age and the ancient Celts inspire my works everyday in the creation of a modern item, that can bring back old memories of a past culture.

Family and friends, and surely all my fans are for me a great support, because they always gratify me and sollicit me to go on.

My passion is growing more and more everyday thanks to you all and I will always do my best to improve my art!

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