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Mod Ministry Merch Review by Kali Noir Diamond

by Kali Noir Diamond

Harnesses have become a very popular goth accessory so many brands make them and they come in all shapes and sizes, colors and patterns. Of course, the pentagram shaped one is everywhere, and honestly, it is getting a bit old. That is why I was so glad to see a designer who makes all kinds of different looks for harnesses.

Mod Ministry Merch is a brand behind which stands a very talented woman, and she makes each piece herself, in her own workshop in California. This was also a big plus in my book, since I love handmade stuff and I always support designers who take time to create each piece for a specific customer. There are many designs available for you to choose, and you can request some alterations if you like. You also have a choice in color and material for some pieces.

The designer offers a full body harness, or tops/ bottoms separately, and for a very good price. I chose a top harness, called “Graveyard Girl”. My first impression when I received the package was great. A nice package and a very light harness. I immediately noticed that there are no metal parts or rings, which is great for me, since they make unwelcome pressure on my skin, and make washing in a machine a real nightmare 😀 I really liked that the whole harness looks like it was made from one piece of material, the stitches are barely visible, and the rings connecting the parts are subtle and small. The material is very elastic and it makes putting it on very easy. You can wear this piece over any top or as I did in photos, just with a bra under it. It all depends for which occasion you are dressing up/down 🙂

There are n zippers, hooks or buttons, you just put it on as you would any other top, and easily take it off. It doesn’t get stuck in your hair or other clothes you might wear. You can combine this piece with any outfit and wear is as an accessory to make a simple top or dress pop out, or just use it as a top itself. It also makes a great effect if you wear it underneath a transparent, lace or fishnet shirt.

You can create many different styles with a harness, it is really a great piece to have in your wardrobe and with this brand in particular, one you can easily afford and enjoy.

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Photo: Dusan Knezevic

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