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Mod Ministry Merch Review by Eleine

Cover credits: Singer/Model/Photo: Eleine, Harness: Mod Ministry Merch, Earrings: Wonderlandmc, Wig: Black Candy Fashion

Seductive – a word that I’m working a lot with for Eleine as a symphonic metal band.

If there’s a brand who make me feel seductive it sure is Mod Ministry. I have to be honest – I never worn a harness before, this was the first time. It has been more and more popular with harnesses and today I see it all over Instagram.

What I also like about Mod Ministry is that they use a lot of the lace-look which I find very attractive. The harness I wear in the pictures is called “Victoria”. It was love at first sight! 🙂

Me and Victoria has already made two photo shoots and will make another one again soon.

Easy to wear (you seriously barely feel it) and you can pair it with a beautiful bra, top or whatever! Quality is very good and it still looks new.

I highly recommend you to pay Mod Ministry a visit and get seduced by all her beautiful designs.

Slider Credits:
Singer/Model/Edit: Eleine
Photo: Rikard Ekberg
Harness: Mod Ministry Merch
Wig: Black Candy Fashion

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