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M’Era Luna Review


Since the year 2000 the M’era Luna Festival is one of the most important Gothic and Dark Culture events in Europe. Every summer in Hildesheim, Germany you can experience a super wild and unforgettable weekend.

The festival is at the Flugplatz Hildesheim (Hildesheim Airfield), a former British armament base with an amazing atmosphere and the must magical sunset.

More then 25,000 people attend this festival every year and must of them fee like it’s a family reunion were all the “bats” come together to party.

This year on Friday night there was the 1st International Gothic Summit were gothic creatives came together, it was nice to see models, stylists, musicians, photographers, bloogers all in one place chatting and sharing drinks, preparing for the days ahead.  It was also wonderful to be taken on a backstage tour by the festival promotors while listening to Jasper Barendregt that told us all the inside curiosities about the festival and all the artists that make it happen, it was super to stand on the main stage looking out on to the empty field while knowing that in less than 24 hours the field would be filed with fans watching over there idols while they perform.

The line up was as amazing as always we had the chance to see ASP, VNP, Within Temptation, Fields of the Nephilim,Subwayto Sally,Lacrimosa,Mono INC. ,Joachim Witt, Combichrist, Deathstars, Oomph! , Diary of Dreams, Corvus corax, Versengold, Die Krupps, Suicide Commando, De/Vision, Agonoize, Zeromancer, Assemblage 23, Stahlmann, Funker Vogt, Neuroticfish, Spetsnaz, Melotron, RX, Centrhon, Heldmaschine, Faelder, Terrolokaust, Empathy test, Sundenklang, Sono, Formalin, Ewigheim, Fera of Domination, Scarlet Dorn and Yellow Lazarus, but I must stand out Within Temptation (one of my favorite bands ever) they did as promised and made everyone ecstatic with there music for sure a show that will leave memories for a live time.

We also hade the pleasure to attend and photoshoot the tenth anniversary of the fashion show with amazing gothic fashion designers as : Alessio Benetti, Videnoir and Wonderland MC who along with Monstermachier, Body Art Design, Ank Design, Pirate Buiness, Lilycut + Bloody Brilliants, Resumo, Inner Sanctum and Lucardis Feist saw 10 for 10 all showcasing their astounding and amazing designs. The fashion show was full of surprises with like very nice choreographys and nice model’s , some of them we recognize from social media, and the amazing thing is there is a place to all kind of body shapes and ages you get the felling that everyone can fit the beautiful on the alternative fashion.

From Friday to Sunday you could visit the Medieval Market were you could find both food and handicrafts while attending to jugglers and fire shows it felt like traveling in time. Also from Friday to Sunday the Gothic Fashion Town was open to visits and there you could find all kind of handmade fashion items and accessorys, this year we had the chance to meet designers like Vindenoir, Slacks Fashion, Schnittuskel, Tollkirsche among others and they are kind enough to answer all the question about their amazing creations.

It always hard to say goodbye so we all said see you next year and by the way next year’s line up is already being announced and tickets are already available so I guess it’s really time to say SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR !!

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