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Meowcos Shop Review

Today we bring you a new shop Meowcos.

Meoewcos is based in China but does not sell copies, this is a real deal shop, they try to have the best range of alternative clothing so they go from Gothic, Fetish, Punk,  Kawaii fashion, and let me just say that they do have one of the more complete e beautiful collections of Lolita outfits, but you find beautiful alternative prom dresses and even wedding dresses.

There Shop is very complete and very well organized so it’s very easy to find what you are looking for, from spooky to elegant you will find it, and if you don’t you can always ask their team, they are there to help and they do help a lot. 

One thing I would call attention to is the sizes, the sizes ate a bit smaller than usual and if they have it in one size only it will be equivalent to our XS, so if you can’t find your size alone just ask for help and they will let you know which size will fit you best. 

On this day we went wild and because the goal was to make a Fetish themed photoshoot so we teamed up with the model discordiasg a very talented inked model and let me say a very brave one because it was a very cold day and she was almost naked during the photoshoot so a super thank you to her for enduring the bad weather and still be able to make all those poses.

So we started with a very unique and exquisite body, this body is more amazing live than in photos but we did our best to show you guys how gorgeous it looks. It has a vinyl front and back and it closes all the way to the back with a zip. The best part is the sheer sides that are very transparent making this piece super sexy, in this case, the model is very tattooed so we can even see her body tattoos. This is the kind of piece that makes heads turn.

For a 2sd outfit we got a Japanese dress in nice brocade fabric with a beautiful mandarin style collar with frog fastenings, but what makes this dress special is the lace up sides, you can make the dress adjustable to your body with the strings on the sides that can be closed like corset strings, but even if you close it well it will still be very opened turning it to on more super sexy dress, once again heads will turn. If you want to wear it in the street we advise you to match it up with a pair of leggings


Model: discordiasg

Photos: Apov.visualartist

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