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Meowcos Shop Review

Today we teamed up with  Meowcos (backlink) once again. 

Like you already know Meoewcos is based in China but does not sell cheap copies, this is a real deal shop, we totally trust them. They have a very good organization and you always have someone to help you out on making your order. 

The online shop is very appealing and super easy to navigate in so you will for sure find what you are looking for because their range of styles is huge, so if you think it you can find it there.

Still like we warned you guys last time one thing we call attention to is the sizes, the sizes are a bit smaller than usual(Asian sizes usually are), and if they have it in one size only it will be equivalent to our XS, so if you can’t find your size alone just ask for help and they will let you know which size will fit you best. Also, they have two delivery options a faster one that is more expensive and a slower one that costs way less, so you will need to ask yourself how fast do you need your parcel to arrive to make sure you will get it when you need it.

On this day we traveled to Leiria to meet up with a very beautiful model called Sara Pereira she is a super cute and outgoing girl so perfect combination for the dress we chose (SCBN21), Sara is an inked model with a sexy but still sweet look so the combination of her look plus this amazing dress was a match made in heaven. 

This dress is made in faux leather and polyester that gives it a very shining latex look but still a bit elastic to fit your body type and that is what makes it so comfortable to wear, it closes with a zipper in the back so super easy to put it on, and it does come in several sizes so you everyone can find one that fits.

 Sara moved, posed, and even danced in that dress, the straps in the front give it a more unique and sexy look, again if you are looking for something for a special night or if you dare on a night out this is a dress that will make heads turn … 

Note: Sara make-up work was made by the talented Anabela Viera.

So like we always say DARE TO BE UNIQUE … 

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