Megara is a band formed in 2014 with an objective to compose songs that reflect what you really feel like doing at the time.

The band arises from the union of Kenzy (voice) and Rober (guitar) in 2014 attracted by common musical influences and a very clear objective begin to compose songs that reflect what you really feel like doing at the time.

They are known that year but a huge rapport between them from the beginning and the enormous enthusiasm of this new project makes things arise very fast and themes begin to take shape quickly.

The musical style that defines these topics is included within the hard rock very strong and kept current with melodies vocals that contrast perfectly with the voice of Kenzy. After a couple of months dedicated to the composition comes time to form the band that would complete this project and finish shaping the compositions made until then.

Search begins drum and bass. The first is incorporated Pol DQ (drums) that after responding to announcements is presented as a candidate with many possibilities. Only one test was enough to decide who would be the drummer of the band. Pol comes after Paul (bass). Recommended by a common friend also fits perfectly from the first moment.

With the band already formed in February 2015 after testing and start improving some of the subjects made the decision to record material with which to make themselves known musically is taken. In mid-March and after considering several possibilities begins recording a first EP with Jorge Escobedo (Sober) as producer. In July it opens in physical and digital format first EP called “Muérase quien pueda” and the first video of the band’s single “Seis”, belonging to it, which was banned the same day of its release.

The band was immersed in his presentation tour which kicked off opening tour of the canadian band

Three Days Grace in Madrid and Barcelona and participating in events like parties Pride Day in Madrid or the Survival Zombie Vodafone Yu organized at Warner Park from Madrid.

In November of the same year, the band made its official presentation at the We Rock of Madrid, making SOLD OUT with an attendance of 400 people.

In May 2016, just over a year after its birth, release their first LP under the name “Siete” under production again Jorge Escobedo (Sober) and the video of the first single from it, called “Vivo de rodillas” . A fresh and powerful album that will talk.

Kenzy – Vocals and support guitar
Robert – Guitar and chorus
Pablo – Bass
Pol DQ – Drums

Photographer – José Sancho

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