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Maskarada Review by Eleine

by Eleine

I don’t know where to start.

The service was excellent from the very beginning. I ordered a pair of golden/brown horns that I thought would fit for several photo shoots I had in mind.

When they arrived  I was chocked! How can a person create something like this with only two hands? It’s handmade, and looks amazing. I’ve seen many horns but none that has been this perfectly made.

The details are stunning. The horns are very light-weighted so they’re not a burden to wear, but still they look so real. I’m honestly impressed by Maskarada. This is art. I’m honored to own a pair of Maskarada Horns. I have a feeling these horns will be a new best buddy during several shoot with a ”wild” feeling during 2017.

Photo Credits:
Singer/Model/Edit: Eleine
Photo: Rikard Ekberg
Horns: Maskarada
Top: Dragons Chain

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