Liturgy of Decay


« A liturgy of decay, because if you want to learn to fly, you will first have to learn to fall »

At the crossroads between a deeply gothic style (in an almost literal meaning of the word), carried by a misty and originally disenchanted religiosity which gathers inspiration in centuries-aged musical shapes and orchestrations, and a truly modern, clear-voiced, atmospheric and melodic metal, +Liturgy Of Decay+ is the place of birth and the cradle of what reviews formerly described as a deeply personal and yet unexplored style – to which has been given the designation of “ flamboyant gothic metal”, in reference to the proliferation characteristic of the architectural genre with the same name as well as to the bringing together and to the confrontation within its aesthetic, dialectical and musical content of abyssal darkness and of sparkling lights from intense radiance, of black opacities and of vibrant clarities. Blending a wide spectre of influences from Dead Can Dance, The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy or Elend to Paradise Lost, Samael, Moonspell or Tiamat, passing by symphonic, liturgical and electronic music, the band’s work, carried by a permanent emotional and spiritual tension wandering the extremes both high and low, drives to the exploration of an ageless universe where saturated guitars and hammered rhythms, classical and electronic orchestrations, great organs, harpsichords, choirs and carillons melt with each other and weave a backcloth where an alternately plaintive and incantatory chant psalmodies the revolt and the bitterness of an aching past and the invocation for a glorious future by calling to an uprising of the Self against despondency.

Born in 1997 and having remained for a long time a full band with multiple lineups at the instigation and under the supervision of +Iokanaan+ (Olivier Luthereau : vocals, guitar, keyboards and programmings), +Liturgy Of Decay+ is nowadays a solo project which, consisting in far more than only and purely music, has become in time artistically multidisciplinary and has a content as much metaphysical and dialectical as strictly aesthetic. The present album, entitled « First Psalms (Psalms of Agony and Revolt – First and Early Shape) », which is actually the first version of the first album of the project, comes from this (from now on) bygone period of plural collaborations under a band form and carries the testimony of this time. Further to the decision taken with the label D-Monic to make of it the object of a full release and the first official realization of the project (in a strictly digital and fully downloadable format for ecological and ethical reasons), +Iokanaan+ has taken this opportunity to give body to an ideal of the same epoch, consisting in creating the beginning of a new – and purely dematerialized – form of music album including visual sequences synchronized with its audio content from start to finish and embodying a plenty graphic manifestation of it. The aim is to obtain a fully multimedia result and a more complete and accomplished sensorial and artistic experience by the the adjunction visually more developed of dynamic (thus in motion) images to the sound in place of the usual static paper booklet, so that the graphic incarnation of the musical matter fits snugly in real time and at every instant to its forms and contours for a rendering sticking as closely as possible to the universe woven by the sonic dimension of the project. As a result, this leads to an album composed of ten tracks (each one made of an audio file and of Flash sequences) which can be played in a Flash player programmed and dedicated to this purpose included into the download package.

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