Lacrymosa Aeterna

Dark Neoclassical/ fantasy/ gothic romantic Duet Band from Thessaloniki, Greece

The members are George Palousis,who is the composer and Vamptessa Debbie,who is the vocalist and lyricist. They are soulmates not only in music,but also in life.

The tempting labyrinth of their dreams is what motivates the passionate melodies in their hearts. The divine nature,enchanting fairy tales,mythical creatures and the mystical essence of emotions are some of the elements of their inspiration.

On May of 2015 they self-released their first EP “Fables” including 5 songs total. They have also released two official video clips, “Twilight’s Spell” and a cover song, “Rains of Castamere” by Game of Thrones.

Photographer: Asterios Gousios


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