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La Danza Della Luna 2017: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

La Danza Della Luna 2017: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 20 May 2017

La Danza Della Luna” is a grandiose costumed ball bringing different artists together giving the possibility to promote and share their arts and creations. Enjoying a nice evening together broadening our horizons for future corporations and projects meanwhile enjoying a luxury dinner mixed with exquisite music.

“I’ll met by Moonlight…”

We wanted to give our guests a magical evening and therefore we have chosen “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as theme for the event. Ofcourse there is a dress code from which you can find the mood boards on our website. We expect each guest to adopt our Dress Code or be in formal evening wear. Meanwhile our guests can always contact us with their costuming requests. There will also be features of costumes on our Facebook Event Page in order to promote the creations of our guests.

Guests of Honour

This year we have the honor to welcome some amazing guests of honor such as Wesley and Inoli, the organizers of the Grandeur Gothic happening called, Coalescaremonium, who takes place each year on April in Brussels – Belgium. This year again you can enjoy their amazing event on the 8 th of April with many performances and several dance floors! Do reserve your ticket at their site.

Another great name present, is the talented costume designer Elena Werner, she is known from her works for the BBC productions “The White Queen” and “The Emperor”. Recently she corporatized for different opera productions and shall exhibit some of her works in the exhibition room. For more of her works you can consult her page.

And finally we have one of Europe’s most devoted event travelers, Heike Colonia. Heike is a true expert in Venice Ball events and a big costume admirer. We were happy she could give us a spot in her agenda to join our event!  You can find more information on her site.

MuSic and MoRe!

Inspired to the theme of our event, the amazing Mezzo Soprano Gerlinde Weze and her violist will perform us lovely classical opera pieces. After dinner, Dj XLII and DJ Vince will invite you to the dance floor for the rest of the evening! Our guests are even free to send us suggestions of what they like to hear, so DJ Vince can adopt it into his performance.

We shall also furnish the Blue Room with a photo studio which will be operated by our devoted photographers Fred Lo Casio and Bart Kools. This way each guest will have a small souvenir of this wonderful evening.

Exhibitors and Vendors

We want to give some great artist the chance to exhibit their arts and creations. Therefor the Chinese room will be transformed into an exhibition / vendor room available for our guests to visit the whole evening.

Our first Exhibitor is Elias Gubbels, he will exhibit some of his works in photography. This including the picture who got featured in the “Surreal Beauty Magazine”.

Elias will be joined by the talented photographer, Steven Matthijs who is the author of “Ruin Nudes”. He was willing to contribute one of his works which will be published in his next book.

We were so lucky that our Guest of Honor Elena Werner also had proposed to join our exhibition as well. This way our guests can have is unique privilege to view her amazing creations.

Another great talent in costume making, Cadavre Ecquise will be present at our exhibition, showcasing and selling some of her unique pieces.

Freshly joined is the lovely Mélusine Romance, her creations of hats and headdresses are well known in the north of France as well as her lovely accessories. She will be selling some of her hand made creations at our event.


The skilled gastronomic team of the Castle will provide us of a luxury 3 course dinner and service which is included in the prize of the ticket! (Drinks not included). And yes there is also a vegetarian option as well!

For more information about the event, the updates and tickets please visit our site. For questions, suggestions, reservations or applications please mail us:

Website  Facebook Event Page

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