A trio of surviving souls sticking together to wage war against the universe itself

The biography of this band is a story mode.

Our world died long ago. The final planets are now failing fast, and the very last musical note rang out and faded away ages ago. Death, doom and destruction looms on the horizon and steps closer with each passing day, but amongst the final fading stars trails a trio of rugged, battle-ready musicians – Killverse. Their one uniting purpose is to recreate the most important thing that was lost when the universe grew silent – music. Hailing from the ancient lost city of Ogden, Utah (USA), Killverse has come together to meld their vast array of musical influences together and create something truly beautiful in this dying realm. Will they rise to the occasion and be able to restore the last truly magical gift that humanity had before the fall? Time will tell.

Photographer: Carissa Christian


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