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Killstar Review

by Kali Noir Diamond

When you are Goth sometimes dressing all in black is just not enough. At least for me it is not. I am not saying that outfits and clothes are the only things that make someone a goth or a member of the subculture, and I do not divide people into true goths or not goth enough based on their looks. But it is also not a crime to be fashion conscious and enjoy pretty things 🙂

So, if you want the while world to know you are a dark sparkling soul, Killstar is the brand to go to. They make everything from baggy comfy sweaters to super sexy lingerie. And every single piece will make you feel like you rule the world. I have been following this brand’s work for a long time and they never failed to offer so many different styles and pieces but keeping their signature bad-ass details. There are some pieces that are simple and not too loud but most of their clothes are made to scream goth, alternative, bold and unique. And that is what I love the most about Killstar. Pentagram shaped harnesses, jewelry and prints, super-cool Satan and Cat quotes and amazingly cute bags and accessories. All of this is so well combined and put together that you don’t look like a devil worshiping creep while wearing a big infamous goat head printed all over your outfit. It is fashion and it is soooo cool 🙂

For this review I got a maxi hooded dress with pentagram print , a pair of silver pentagram earrings and a kitty bag. The dress is long and made of heavy material, so it falls and flows nicely, not to clingy or tight, but it accentuates the bust and waist perfectly, so you get a great shape. The print is subtle and it is not visible from afar, but it shows enough to make people want to see what it is. This dress has a nice hood and some partially open back. These details make it more fun and elegant, so you can wear it in everyday style or evening party style with some nice accessories and fitting shoes. Speaking of shoes, this dress works both with flat platforms, pointy witchy boots or simple black high-heel boots. It is the basic must-have piece that can be turned in so many different variations if you want. It has short sleeves but the material is pretty snug and thick, so it is not really a dress for big heat days. In colder weather you can wear it with a cool jacket or a long coat. I was surprised with the quality of material because I expected something less perfect. I used to think that this brand sells design and crazy prints but they pay just the same attention to quality. So you will not get a cheap Halloween-costume like see through material, this is serious quality. And seeing that, I was even more amazed by their prices, which are really affordable.

The other piece was a pvc bag shaped as a kitty had with cute big eyes and a symbol of the Leviathan Cross. But as I already said, this bag is so cute that it doesn’t even get to you, and many people don’t recognize the symbol in the first place. If you know what it represents, wear it proudly and fight the ignorance and prejudice. On the more practical note, the bag is big enough to carry all the essentials PVC is very good and it doesn’t get scratched easily and the print doesn’t fade. The earrings are simple and light, and I don’t have to say that every goth girl needs one pair of those. They are big enough to show if you are wearing your hair down or up.

Overall, this brand gave me everything I expected and so much more in quality. Feel free to explore their pieces, you will certainly find something that will call to your inner dark unique fashion demon. Killstar makes clothes for the brave and strong individuals, and if you are one, you will thrive in all of the attention your outfit will draw 🙂

Credits: Photo: Vanic Photography, Model: Kali Noir Diamond

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  • Reply
    bonnet pas cher
    January 8, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    Merci pour cet article

  • Reply
    Missy E
    June 13, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    Ugly and hate this company, they are bad at everything and you just end up losing your money….. Horrible they just lie and lie to your Face

  • Reply
    Tony O’ Reilly
    December 24, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    I love Killstar it’s an amazing place to shop for clothes, pretty cool and stylish!!! And your article reflects that very well. Excellent article. I am a guy, though I have purchased merchandise from both the men’s and women’s site. Jersey dresses, boots and trainers from the girls website and the Vegan leather jackets from the men’s website. I love the shade of black, and And my friends describe me as Goth though I have to confess don’t subscribe to post structuralist labelling of that type. I just love the clothes I wear, and don’t confine myself to gender preferences.

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