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Symphonic metal from France

Although it is difficult to classify Khaelys in the standards of metal because of the various influences of its musicians, its major inspiration is resulting from symphonic metal.

Pieces alternating dynamism, power and melancholy come to compose a dark but melodious universe.

The band is currently composed of Anaïs as Lead Vocalist, John with the keyboards, Gildas and Guillaume in the guitars, Stephan with Bass and Gautier with the percussions.

The realization of a first album at the end of 2009 made it possible Khaelys to pose the bases of its musical identity.

The second album being entitled “Across the Ages” left on January 23rd, 2015 and relates to the topic of Mythologie.

They will to enrich our compositions with a technique more led while preserving the initial spirit by the band.

Khaelys come from Strasbourg,France and the members are:

Lead Vocals : Anaïs Sieffert
Bass/Vocals : Stephane Come
Solo Guitar : Guillaume Kempf
Rythm Guitar : Gildas Le Fur
Keayboards/Samples : Jonathan Jumeau
Drums : Gautier Desmyttere



Find more information about Khaelys here:

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