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De la singularité dans l’air du temps…

Our desire to create Keipsule came from wanting to offer individual style in today’s fashion.

We want to bring a new dimension to the world of Gothic and Punk fashion by offering top-of-the-range designs which play with the codes of current fashion trends.

Alternative style is often characterised by monotonous colours, extravagant styles or highly stereotypical patterns which therefore limit when you can wear them.

As a consequence, there is a lack of individuality, a monotonous choice of clothes and dubious quality.

Our ambition is to offer tailored designs in sophisticated styles following the codes of alternative movements.

Keipsule therefore offers you the opportunity to wear tasteful, distinctive Gothic, Punk and Victorian style designs.

We make it a point of honour that all our designs are of the highest quality and available only in limited quantities.  All our finishing is hand done and our clothes are tailored from noble fabrics.

For even greater originality, we create one article per season in a limited edition. Throughout the seasons, therefore, we can unveil our collaboration with emblematic personalities from the Punk, Gothic and alternative movements.

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