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Interview with Keipsule

Interview with Keipsule

Cover credits: Photo: Apov Visual Artist, Model: Beatriz

Kaipsule is a new born brand for all the alternative souls out there. They based there designs on gothic and punk culture and combine that with exceptional high quality fabrics, and sophisticated styles. With one design per season in limited quantity they make sure that each piece special and exclusive.

There first piece is the “Crow Skulls”dress, a luxurious dress with hand made in pure silk that is making heads turn, very easy to style and very comfortable to wear this dress is making the delights of every one that has the chance to wear it.

As always G&A heard about it and we had the pleasure of having a chat with the amazing people behind this project and this is what we found out just for you guys…

01- How would you describe this brand ? 

In one french sentence: “Votre singularité dans l’air du temps” that we can roughly translate by “Your individuality in today’s trend”. This statement is the first sentence of our manifesto. We believe that smart rebels can express their style at all occasions and stay true to their selves even in environment with strict dress codes.

Keipsule offers a sophisticated way to play with the “mainstream” fashion rules by using subtle codes of Gothic & Punk culture.

As a premium brand, all our creations are tailored from noble fabrics, handmade finishing and produced in limited quantities.

02- How was the name Keipsule born ?

Keipsule was born from the concept of capsule collections, reflecting how fast our envies/desires evolve and this need of being different from the mass consumption that modern societies dictate. Kei (style in Japanese) was a reference to our beloved Japanese Visual kei subculture. With this name come an emblem which is the crow skull.

03- Is there one designer or are your designs product of team work?

Each creation is a collaboration with an emblematic personality, an important influencer or a famous designer from the Punk, Gothic and alternative movements. For the first model, Nevil kei, founder of the brand, has designed the first creation. Nevil Kei has collaborated with multiple Punk and Goth brands since 2006 as a subject matter expert and design advisor.

04- Why alternative fashion?

Because it is our passion! We don’t consider alternative style as a fashion trend but more as a lifestyle. It is something that is a part of us, something we grew with…

05- Where did you guys went for the goth Victorian inspiration in this 1st piece?

We feel that nothing more than the Victorian style would represent better elegance and sophistication. We played with this “so British” style by completing it with a Japanese oil painting design. As you guessed, we love playing with different paradoxes.

06- The “Crow Skulls” dress is made of pure silk, will all the future pieces be made with this fabric or will you go for something different? 

As each new creation is a unique collaboration, the fabric, style and design will be completely different. The only rule for all our creation is: a sophisticated way to play with the “mainstream” fashion rules by using codes of Gothic & Punk culture.

07- This fabric print is beautiful and unique, was it hard to find, will it be available in other pieces? 

The fabric is unique and printed with our own original design. This design depicted the melancholy of the Japanese oil painting mixed with our emblem: the crow skull.

08- Your pieces are super exclusive, how many pieces will you guys make per season? 

The main reason is because our creations are handcrafted, and we favor quality to quantity! We will launch 1 new creation per season with 50 to 100 quantities per item.

09- Do your pieces came in every size? 

Yes from S to L. Every creation has it’s own size chart. You can visit it here:

10- What do you think makes this brand stand from all the others? 

We think 3 things makes our brand unique:

  • We bring a sophisticated dimension to alternative style by playing with the rules of fashion trends
  • We only use exceptional fabrics for our designs and the finishing of each piece is handcrafted for the highest possible quality
  • Inspired by “capsule” collections, you can discover a new design each season only available in limited quantities

11- When can we expect to see a new design piece? 

On April, you will discover a new design and we will reveal who is the influencer behind it !

12- Is there someone special that you guys would like to dress?

More than dressing someone, we have a secret dream to collaborate with the one who inspired us the concept: Vivienne Westwood. Maybe one day, you will read “new in! Westwood x Keipsule ! “

13- And about the future, what are your biggest goals?

See a business woman going in a meeting, a journalist presenting the TV news or an attorney going to the court… All these smart rebels expressing their style and staying true to their selves in a mainstream environment with strict dress codes.

So guys keep your eyes open for this amazing brand, they are full of surprises and we bet that they will have something very special in stored for all styles and tastes, do not be the only one out of this super exclusive group of people that own a Keipsule design.

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