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UK based dark alternative clothing shop

Goth, it’s more than just clothes, I mean don’t get me wrong it definitely is clothes, but it’s a lifestyle too… It’s culture, music, history, art, aspirations, design, humour, and more and here at Kate’s Clothing we are completely obsessed with it, all of it. Between our tight knit team we live and bleed subculture, and live the alternative lifestyle to the fullest. We are all subculture creatures of a goth, metaller, rocker. hippy or retro variety. This is not our day job, it’s our way of life too and that’s why you can always count on us to have the freshest, most inspiring, most fashion forward clothing and accessories from all the best brands in Gothic clothing and Alternative clothing.

It’s the thing we get up for every day, and what we’re thinking about before falling to sleep …at 6am 😉 We can’t go five minutes without imagining what Iron Fist Shoes would match what Punk Rave Trousers… or which Hell Bunny Dress needs which Banned accessories… it gets worse, we also spend time working out which outfits would make you look most like Morticia Addams and how to turn Devil Fashion pieces into the perfect Halloween costume that you can recycle into your every day wardrobe. Like I said, we’re obsessive, but it’s what keeps our store full of perfect pieces that are easy to match so that you can throw together killer outfits with hardly any effort!

Plus we create blog after blog, post after post, to keep you inspired and up to date on the blackest of trends and the fiercest alternative and gothic clothing fashions. If you check out our blog you’ll find a tonne of blogs demonstrating exactly how crazy about ‘The Goth Life’ we really are, including hints and tips for aspiring Health Goths at the gym, which items of ours are great to breast feed in, and problems with summer only Goths understand. Our blog also hosts a world of competitions where we regularly give away goodies from top alternative brands such as Iron Fist, Necessary Evil, T.U.K, Killstar, and more.”

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