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Kate’s Clothing Review by Kali Noir Diamond

by Kali Noir Diamond

Kate’s Clothing is a UK based stockist offering alternative clothing for those who really don’t want to wear the same thing as everyone else and don’t want to wait around for it. Their  aim is to offer stunning, exceptional clothing, footwear and accessories at a fair price with considerate customer service. They endeavor to keep everything we offer in stock and dispatch it within 1-3 days, so there’s no waiting for weeks and weeks like there can be with stores that don’t keep their garments in stock.  All of this is a project behind which stand 4 amazing ladies- Kate, Kelly, Elaine and Ruth, each one with her own duties and expertise, they make a great team.

Kate’s clothing offers a large variety of brands such as Necessary Evil, Spin Doctor, Disturbia, Devil fashion, Punk Rave at many more. For this review, I chose two pieces of Necessary evil’s new collection-  Nyx Asymetric Top and Gothic Venus skinny jumpsuit. You can find these items on their website as well.

I loved the top because it is a true gem to find a Goth top that is not super tight or too revealing. Don’t get me wrong, I love that, but I always try to find some pieces that are wearable on everyday basis. This top is perfect for ladies who love to emphasize their curves and show them off in a more subtle way. It might not make sense when you first see the photo of the top, because it seems big and wide, but it flows with the body so elegantly. The material is light and it moves with you, giving away your body shape in a most feminine way. The lacing on the right sleeve is a nice detail, you can show some skin underneath or combine this top with a bright red or purple shirt and make a good contrast. The top is also long so it covers the hips and you can wear it with trousers, leggings or skirts, although I suggest leggings. You get the best of its flowy wonderful shape with something tight to make it pop out.

That is why I chose to pair it with the Venus jumpsuit. Don’t be fooled by the description, this particular piece is made of super stretchy material and it comes in many sizes, so you can rock it just the same whether you are a skinny Venus or a curvy one. To my delight this jumpsuit comes zipper and buttons free, it is super easy to put on and off and it is very comfortable. The design is simple which makes this piece good for any outfit combination and for all seasons. On the back of the legs, there are tiny metal lacing details, also very cute and sexy, especially when paired with some high heels.

You can combine the jumpsuit with corsets, belts and other accessories as well as lace or fishnet tops to create a more sexy, evening look, or you can just put on your comfy pair of sneakers and go to your yoga class in it.

Both of these pieces are surprisingly comfy, and you really can’t tell that by just looking at the photos. I literally felt like I was wearing a super light summer dress, but I wasn’t cold at the same time. In my experience with the Necessary evil brand their clothes last for years, you can wash them, iron and wear over and over, the color stays and the quality doesn’t change for a long time.

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