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Jawbreaker Review

by Eleine

Fast delivery, amazing print on the clothing and Jawbreaker will always be Jawbreaker – Good quality of clothing!

One pair of clothing I wear is the ”Dark Conspiracy Cami” and it’s a set of panties and a top. It’s under the category ”Lingerie” but I have to say, the top can definitely be used as an everyday top as well with a pair of black jeans.

From the moment I saw this set I knew I was going to love it.
And yes, I really do.

I also got a top with skulls on the front, and it has the most beautiful back. It’s a big piece of lace and on the top of it there is some corsetry lacing. It’s a perfect detail for a basic top like that. Makes it feel more exclusive right away.

The last piece is a gothic dark dress named ”Mysterious Night Dress”. It has a corsetry lacing on the back, front and the skirt is adjustable! Thanks to all the corsetry it’s easy to make it fit perfectly. A new gothic favorite! 🙂

Credits: Singer/Model/Edit: Eleine, Photo: Rikard Ekberg, Clothes: Jawbreaker

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