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Jawbreaker review by Kali Noir Diamond

by Kali Noir Diamond

During my modeling career I was lucky to get some really exquisite and extravagant fashion pieces. Corsets with rich lace, elaborate gowns and skirts, evening dresses that take breath away, all a goth dream come true. I love them and cherish them and keep them safe in my closet that is running out of space 🙂

But, to be perfectly honest, those are the pieces that I use for special occasions and events. Personally, I am not that type of “goth girl” who wears high heels and a corset dress while shopping for groceries or having an afternoon coffee with friends. I prefer something comfy and simple, but still something that will reflect my style. That style being very goth and dark, it is not an easy task to find the clothes that will live up to it. Because, plain black shirt and pants just don’t do the trick.

That is why I am very excited when I get to work with a brand like Jawbreaker. Jawbreaker, an East End London based alternative brand incorporates Rocker and Subculture aesthetic with a nod to classic Punk, Gothic Victorian, and Steampunk style.  Their collective of one-of-a-kind designs includes dresses, trousers, blouses, t-shirts, tutus, tops, guys and girls hoodies, jackets,  bags, backpacks and much, much more! They create original graphics, prints and designs for unique individuals who love to express themselves through music, lifestyle, and clothing.

As soon as I opened their catalog I could see that even though they do offer a lot of elegant and pieces, they mostly work in that awesome zone in between super extravagant full Goth gear on and plain black nothing. I picked a combo of a cool jacket made for colder autumn days and a pair of cute warm leggings to go with. As colder weather is setting in, and I absolutely hate it, I was thrilled to find something warm that doesn’t look like it just came out of a grandma’s closet. Both pieces are very urban and modern, very fitting to the body and can be sexy if worn with right boots and accessories.

That is exactly what I loved the most about these pieces, the fact that you can combine them with almost anything, and change your look from “I just woke up like this” to “I really put a lot of effort to be a dark hot beast in this”. The jacket is very comfortable and allows you to wear any kind of top underneath, you can wear it unzipped or completely closed. It comes with an awesome pattern inspired by Da Vinci’s designs with some subtle occult details to it. Both front and the back, as well as the sleeves are covered with it. It is very warm and can even replace a jacket or a light coat if the temperature is moderate. The jacket has two big pockets in which you can wear your keys, your phone or some emergency eyeliner/lipstick 🙂

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The leggings really surprised me, because I am not a big fan of those. It is very hard to find leggings which are not too clingy or tight, which you won’t have to pull up every ten minutes, which will allow you to move and sit without worrying if everything is where it should be, if you know what I mean. These babies are all the opposite! Made of nice thick cotton they are flexible enough and soooo comfortable. You won’t even know you are wearing them. Also, a big plus, the waist is very high and there is no chance that you will bend down to pick up something from the ground and end up showing your underwear to everyone present. The symbols on them are a mixture of spider webs and a cute design of occult and mason symbols.

You can wear these pieces together, or combine them with other ones you have, and you will get a perfect everyday goth look. You will stand out and your style will show, and you will feel comfy and warm, who can ask for more? 🙂

Check out Jawbreaker’s website to  see their complete catalog and lookbooks.

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Clothing: Jawbreaker

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