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Interview with Yellow Bubbles Photography

Interview with Yellow Bubbles Photography as seen on Gothic and Amazing Magazine issue #6 – Goth High Fashion

Cover credits: Model: Roxie Ann, Headdress/Styling: Spoiled Cherry- creations by Amber- CherryBomb, Skirt: Hold Your Colour Clothing, Makeup: Haley Jessica

Yellow Bubbles Photography is a freelance Photographer that usually can be seen in collaborations with her sister Spoiled Cherry that handles most of the makeup, light hair, and wardrobe needs. Being creative and making works of art is their focus… while avoiding anything boring, stale or cookie-cutter.  All these attributes allow them to achieve timeless, contemporary and unique images. They specialize in Fashion Editorial and Conceptual, Artistic Portraits, Alternative and themed photo shoots. Their pictures are amazing and they look out of a dream – their edit and final retouch set a brand, their picture are what is called YellBub style.

When did you get involved in photography work? What is the story behind your beginnings?
I was always interested in photography growing up, and got my training in black and white film. I enjoyed working in a dark room, with enlargers, and the chemicals. After high school, I quit because I couldn’t afford to have my own personal dark room. In 2010, my sister, Spoiled Cherry had been trying to shoot pictures for her business but wasn’t happy with the results. She suckered me into shooting for her and it reminding me of how much I missed and loved doing photo shoots. We decided to start working together. I quit my job, bought a camera, and we starting putting together shoots. In the beginning, I did try shooting a few other genres of photography, but I didn’t like not being able to bring our own creative spin to the shoot. This made me realize that our dark alt/conceptual/fashion editorial style is what I love doing the most.

How were your first pictures like and how do you feel when you look back at them?
Of course everything improves and evolves over time… and you can always look at something and know that you could do it a little better. Despite any technical problems, I still really love a lot of the images from our first shoots together. When we started, I had a specific vision in mind and I made sure that I stuck to that foundation.

Why did you choose that name Yellow Bubbles Photography?
I wish I had a really good story that went with the name choice… but I don’t. I started my business around the same time my daughter was learning how to talk, and for some reason she was repeating the words “yellow, bubbles” over and over again… literally non-stop. She said it so much that it just stuck!

What themes attract you the most and why?
I love anything that can combine dark and ethereal beauty. When my sister and I were younger, we would pine over the images in an old fairy tale book that was passed down in our family. We were mesmerized by the illustrations of characters with beautiful classic wardrobe that was tattered and torn. We loved the juxtaposition of this beauty with a touch of decay.

How important it is for you the collaboration you have with your sister (Spoiled Cherry), do you work as a team in a photo-shoot concept?
The collaboration I have with my sister Spoiled Cherry is extremely important. I couldn’t ask for a better team because she can be anything I need to create images. She does makeup, makes wardrobe and headdresses, and does the styling. Sometimes out of the blue I’ll text my sister, or she’ll text me, and say “idea! put this on the list!” for things we want to shoot one day. Other times we will be up ridiculously late, whispering so we don’t wake up our families, throwing ideas back and forth for an upcoming shoot. Those conversations usually end with a “BAM! Done!” when we are really proud of ourselves. I think that it’s a bonus for anyone we shoot also, because there are two sets of eyes watching everything and being able to assist. I love working with her, and I know that no matter how brutally honest I am with her… she’s not going anywhere because we’re related.

Who are your models? Do you work with agency models or find your muses some other way?
Most of the models you see are paying clients that found us. Every once in awhile, though, I need a specific model for special projects. For that purpose, I used to find models on Model Mayhem, but lately I’ve been using Instagram and Facebook.

What do you seek in a model, what is the one thing that makes you want to work with someone?
While we are drawn to someone with a beautiful, unique look, facial expressions are a big kicker for us. If, while looking through their portfolio, I see the same look continuously, I probably will not be inspired to work with that person. They must be able to give different emotions and not just rest on pretty. We also consider the way she poses, it needs to be from head to toe. Having an easy going personality really helps too. I’m not a diva, so I don’t want to deal with anyone with a bad attitude no matter how good a model they are.

Do you prefer studio work over outdoor locations?
While studio is the easiest route, my favorite is shooting outdoors. I love the look of a model in a beautiful forested or a decayed location with natural lighting. It always turns out so magical.

What about all the after shoot work, all the editing – do you enjoy doing that as well? Where do you get all your inspiration from?
I enjoy editing, but sometimes wish the process wasn’t so time consuming. However, I’m in love with how the final images come out, so I feel like all the time spent in the editing chair is worth it. We try not to look at other photographers work as inspiration because it’s already been done. My sister and I draw our inspirations from different places, she leans towards anime and classic paintings, while I’m inspired by amazing cinematography. The final body of work is usually a blend of both our interests.

Do you have an idol or someone you look up to?
When I first started shooting, my favorite photographers were Zhang Jingna and Tim Walker. I’ve always admired the magical feel of their work.

And about wardrobe, do you have favorite designers or brands you work with?
We usually steer clear from major labels and prefer independent designers. Spoiled Cherry makes most of our wardrobe, but we also utilize pieces from Black Lotus, Miss Be, Hold Your Colour and Timeless Trends for our corsets, to name a few.

You have so much published work, lots of editorials and magazine covers, national and international, how does it make you feel?
I feel extremely honored and grateful that people appreciate our work enough to give it that recognition. It makes me want to keep improving and creating more beautiful images.

What do you consider your biggest career highlights so far?
It’s always a surreal feeling when we get to work with people that we looked up to in the industry when we first started. We never thought they would give us the time of day. It’s hard sometimes to contain our inner fan-girl.

After all the amazing work you have already done, what can we expect seeing you do in the future, what are your biggest goals in life?
Travelling is becoming more of a reality for us now, and we would definitely like to focus on venturing out of our circle more in the future. There are so many awesome people and locations we would love to visit.

Just out of curiosity, do you have other passions other than photography?
Photography is my main passion right now. But I also a big book worm. I love to read and, if I have a good book, I totally disappear from the world until I finish it.

Well, not wanting to abuse your time, just one last question: You do know you have many fans all over the world and many consider you an inspiration, what message would you like leave them?
Find your own personal style and stay true to yourself. You can easily get stuck in a rut because you want to try and do what everyone else is doing. Try finding your inspiration in different places other than other photographers. Read books, watch movies, study classic art… this is the only way to find your own voice.

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