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Interview with Xul

Cyber/Goth model from Zagreb, Croatia

The world of Gothic/Alternative modeling is getting richer with the number of male models and that is such an amazing fact and I can proudly say that I’m honored to do an interview with one this awesome model.

Ivan Vasilevski aka Xul is young and amazing Cyber/Goth model from Zagreb, Croatia, so stay tuned if you want to know something more about him and his impressive work.

1. When did you start with your modelling career?
I was doing amateur shootings in 2009/10., and shortly after, I moved to a remote city for college, which put the Goth me in a standby mode. After 6 years now, I finally managed to find not the time required, because I have none, but the will to ignore that fact and put my soul at ease with something I dreamed about a lot over the years.

2. What made you fall in love with an alternative modelling, especially Cyber/Goth style?
Well at first it was the music – I play musical instruments all my life, and was immediately drawn to the fluid stream of beats that is EBM, and more aggressive Harsh/Hellektro music, which featured industrial dancing – my love at first sight!

The clothing was amazing, and it triggered my mind into making dark sceneries a reality. I never seen myself as a pure traditional Goth, but I grew to love each and every aspect of the styles through music, solitude, and a sense for beauty.

3. Is it harder for male models to promote their work, achieve more followers and get positive feedback from websites and pages which promote models?
I would, sadly, have to agree with the majority of the statement. Male models are few, and as ironic as it is – harder to market. I had initial troubles with achieving certain amounts of followers, not that it matters, since feedback is crucial to me, but aside from that I did not have problems in collaborating with people and websites.

All you need is to be genuine and willing to sacrifice time, and people will see your dedication in creating beautiful things as an inspiration to create such things themselves, and that is the key to it. The simple truth is – whether a male or a female model – you have to work hard, be willing to sacrifice a lot, retain a cool head and you will be successful!

4. Tell us a bit more about your modeling name “Xul”, what does is represent?
Well it is an old Sumerian adjective, representing evil in a cool way. I would compare it in a way to the Norse god Loki – he is evil, but you kind of look past that, for he is a cool badass as well!

5. When did you take your first professional photos and can you tell us little more about that experience?
Well it was a long time ago – it was a Cybergoth shooting done for personal pleasure, and I remember loving every second of the process and the results. It is a big moment to have that first look of the professional work you’ve done, and it gets even bigger if the whole team is very satisfied!

6. How do you find all that preparation for shootings that sometimes lasts for hours?
I have second to zero worries about the general preparations for shootings, I tend to think about everything weeks before, arrange the scenery, clothing, poses and everything else in my head days before the shootings. The thing that takes the most time and life from me is actually the makeup part – I have very bad vision, you see, so applying precise millimeter lines to my head can be a headache!

7. Which one is your second favorite Gothic style and your favorite theme for photo-shooting?
My second favorite would be Cybergoth/Industrial, but my favorite theme for photo-shoots is actually not a style, but general mysterious, dark and twisted themes – ranging from supernatural, demonic, and gory-twisted themes all the way to even Viking themed shoots. I never have a never will put myself into one basked and declare accordingly, since I have much respect and love for the pure raw emotion that the picture tell to the viewer. The favorite themes I mentioned are all something I have been preparing for these last few months, so expect them soon!

8. Is there some particularly special model who inspires you and who is your very personal favorite?
There are, as I stated, not nearly as many male models as the world needs, and in that particular pool I respect, support and appreciate everybody, and with that said, I do have the utmost admiration for Kyris, who is amazing at everything he does, and a master of transformation as well!

9. Can you tell us something about your personal life? How would you describe yourself apart from being a model?
I actually work my day job most of the remaining time of the day, and weekends as well, and in my free time, which is really scarce, I enjoy playing video games, writing, binge shopping, cooking and eating whatever I cook, and watching TV or reading, depending on the evening. Going out is a big event that happens every few months, so sadly, there are no epic adventures I can share with all of you L

10. Name three things you simply can’t live without every single day.
Coffee, a PC, and the warmth of pajamas when you come home late from work. Who likes the original “air, food and water” combo anyways?

11. Does the music play big role in your life? Which genres of music do you love the most and do you attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
I listen to music every second of time awake, it plays a very important part in my life because I use it to craft ideas for the photo-shoots from its emotions, and since I play guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, a bit of violin and harmonica, there is a huge mash up in my head, as you can imagine! I love and enjoy dark atmospheric music, with a heavily emotional lyrical background, the type that you can cuddle up in the blanket on cold rainy days, and listen to for hours. I prefer enjoying my profound music taste in the privacy of my own home, big concerts are for young people! ( just a joke, I have no time to attend my favorite bands playing live 🙂

12. Are you more a book-person or a movie-person?
I am a book first, movie after, TV series anytime kind of person, all of those carry emotions in different ways, but books tend to play with one’s imagination the most, so yeah, books all the way!

13. Back to the modeling theme: who is your biggest support in your modelling career, who gives you strength to keep fighting in this cruel world of Gothic/Alternative modeling?
That would have to be my fiancée, Obsidian Kerttu, an amazing model and person, providing love, advice, and the will to go forward and not to lose your mind when things go south! I would not call it a cruel world, though, those who make it look like a cruel world should just sit tight and rethink their original purpose in doing what they do.

14. How much have you changed since you first start building your career as a Gothic/Alternative model?
I actually changed quite a lot, ranging from the mundane things such as reading magazines to more important things such as health, but the main thing that changed is my happiness from doing something I love, and receiving positive feedback about it.

15. Do you have some tips for models who are just starting with their modelling career and who find you very inspiring?
Be yourself, don’t fall under the influence of anybody or anything – people respect originality and genuine character. Start out slow, don’t worry if recognition is not coming your way immediately, just continue to work hard, give it your all, build up your portfolio, communicate with other models, ask for advice, there is no shame in that, contact websites and agencies, make connections, and once people see how dedicated you are, and how your work is up high in quality – you will skyrocket. Never give up, never ignore advice and feedback. Never forget the original idea you started building on, though, people often tend to forget it and you can see the lack of the original shine their work has.

16. It was more than my pleasure to chat with you, so to end this interview: what would you like to leave as a message to your faithful fans, followers and our dear readers?
I would like to take this moment and thank everybody that was, is, and will keep supporting me and my work – you are the reason I exist as a model, and I will give my best to provide you with more awesome work in the future!

Dear readers – I give you my warmest thanks – thank you for giving Gothic culture life and motivation to grow – with you, the culture, the idea, and the beautiful, blissful lifestyle it comes with can never fade!

Find Xul on:

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