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Interview with Victorient

A two piece UK band, with an old fashioned name and a strange mixture of musical influence.

This lovely band is coming from UK, the center of Gothic Culture. Their music is based around traditional Gothic rock, doom metal, 80’s synth with a good old rock that can remind you of the past but also introduce you to fantasy stories and the darkness of the reality. With the only two members, the lovely couple: Sam and Tansy Dunham-Carter they easily give us slight dash of the dark romantic and yet unique Gothic music.

1. What is your biggest inspiration in creating such an amazing music?
Thank you so much for asking, we basically wanted to form a band that combined all our influences into one unique entity

2. Can you name your biggest influences and role models in music?
WOW that’s a REALLY big list, so instead of naming bands here’s the kind of sound we are going for. We describe our sound as “alternative goth metal”, so we use a drum machine, bass synth lines, goth and doom metal influenced guitars with some odd post punk and dance rhythms and some classic rock influences and some electro pop to so as you can see a real mix of styles.

3. Tell us little bit about the history of the band? When have you founded the band and what inspired you to do that?

Well, we founded the band in late 2013/early 2014, this was because we both loved the same bands and same music and nobody else did, so we wanted to form a band that took ALL things we love in ALL types of music, from heavy to soft and blend them into one. Our aim is to never have a side project meaning we can put all our influences and likes solely into Victorient and make it truly unique and each album something special!

4. I know that you recently published an album named “The Old Curiosity Shop” and I have to mention that I have personally listened to the album and it’s amazing! How did you come up with the album name?
There is a well-known book by Charles Dickens of the same name, although it has nothing to do with that the fact that old shops of that ilk, had various oddities in them much like the mix of songs we have on the album.

5. Are you planning to make a video for some song from the latest album?
Yes, by the time this interview goes out we should have the video for the album opener: “Storm within” out on our Youtube channel. In case you didn’t already know, we post regular update vlogs on our channel, just search for “Victorient”.

6. Which one is your favorite music genre and what do you listen when you simply want to relax, close your eyes and just breathe?
Mmm, another tough question. To relax probably soundtrack type music of maybe ethereal goth like the Cocteau twins/dead can dance, but we listen to stuff all the time, you might be surprised that “Kiss” is one of our favorite listens when we want to relax!

7. Can you share some details about your personal life? How would you describe yourself?

Sam: I would say I am out going and driven but also kinda shy to.
Tansy: I am creative and willing to learn new ventures.

8. Who is your biggest support in your impressive career? Who gives you strength to keep creating this beautiful music?
Well as we are married, we have to say each other for love and support, but also our friends and family to.

9. Do you personally attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
Concerts are REALLY hard to come by these days even in the London area, so mostly it’s local bands and listening to stuff old and new online! If we lived in mainland Europe it would be much different as things seem much easier there!

10. Do you have some plans for this year or for the future that you would maybe like to share with us or simply “feed” us with small hint? Where can we see you perform these days?
Well obviously “The old curiosity shop” is out for FREE on March the 1st 2016 so that’s the immediate plan but we also have a very “special” event coming on Saturday april 16th, we are doing a small album “launch” gig locally and seeing as most of our fan-base is abroad we are going to stream it LIVE via our Youtube channel for FREE, so you can all join us.

After that we are looking for more gigs so please get in touch we will consider ANY offer, we feel we are more likely to get more opportunities in mainland Europe and the USA, so we are obviously looking to those regions first, but we obviously want to play live in the UK as it’s our home, we are also going to make a “lyric video” for “Boleyn” maybe early summertime and we are also going to release a brand new track as a single probably in September.

We are also starting the writing process for our second album which we are going to call “Nocturne window” and without giving too much away it will be story based!

We are aiming to have it out early 2017 so busy, busy, and busy! 🙂

11. It was more than a pleasure to chat with you, so, as a Good Bye message, what would you leave as a message to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Firstly thank you SO much for your support it REALLY means the world to us! 🙂

Remember “The old curiosity shop” is out march 1st 2016 and is FREE from our bandcamp page, we are ALL over social media so please check us out on youtube/facebook/twitter/tumblr/instagram and you can do this through our website

Thank you for ALL our fans or as we like to call them “Friends of Victorient” and if you know anybody who might like us please spread us around and also if you know anybody who may want to book Victorient, than please get in touch via all our social media or our band email




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