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Interview with Undefiled Photography & Editing

Freelance photographer and photo-manipulator from Athens

Cover credits: Model/MUA: Absinthia Stacy

Once more I am honored to present you another Greek artistic treasure. Her name is Thalia Zerfos and she is a freelance photographer and photo-manipulator from Athens, who creates one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen.

Her creations are mostly fantasy art, inspired by the magical world of fairy tales, so continue with the reading and get to know something more about this amazing girl and her ways to bring this magic into the real world.

1. Can you tell us when did the photography become your love and passion?
My journey was influenced and inspired I might say by my University lectures. It was there that I developed a passion about photography and art. As the years passed by I fell in love with it and it entirely changed the way that I perceive the whole world.

2. What made you fell in love with this beautiful art and can you tell us something about your education as an artist?
I think that the whole process of creating made me fall in love with photography. I don’t just like taking pictures, but regularly help in crafting, prop-making and ensuring that everything is on point for the shoot. For these tasks, I usually co-operate with my models- especially with my good friends Absinthia Stacy and Irene Astral. As for my education, I study Photography and Audiovisual Arts at TEI of Athens. It was there that I learned useful, art –related stuff, but I deeply believe that one needs to constantly improve, and this comes out of lots and lots of research and experimentation.

3. I mentioned that your work is simply outstanding, so can you tell us the secret of your perfect photos? How do you bring all that magic into the reality?
Thank you for your nice words, it means a lot! Well the essential “ingredients” are good planning, timetables, being passionate with your job and good company and help. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have the means or the economic resources to achieve what we visualize, and this is where Photoshop contributes.

4. What is your favorite type of photography and what makes you choose that?
Model Photography of course, I love capturing the complexity of human form in my photos. I also like Product Photography – not only catalogue stuff but the compositions as well. These genres both challenge me due to the creativity that surrounds them and the concepts that can be brought to life.

5. Do you remember your very first shooting and the model, and can you share some interesting details from that day?
How could I ever forget?! It was the “Steam Red Riding Hood” with dear Absinthia Stacy. It was the first time that I met her in person and I was deadly nervous! But soon after we spoke and got ready we were exploring the whole park, taking pictures, making jokes and laughing. It was one of the best days I’ve had in ages, full of laughter and positivity.

6. Who is your favorite photographer and what made you choose him/her?
I have so many that I cannot just pick one; two of them are Kirsty Mitchell and A. M. Lorek. I truly admire them because they both make some of the most dreammy pictures I’ve ever seen- and I also like the way they match fashion photography with fantasy themes.

7. We know you as a photographer, but is there anything that do you do beside the photography? Do you have some hobbies?
As I mentioned above, I love creating stuff. I started with polymer clay and over the years I learned macramé as well. Jewel making is my hobby and another way of bringing to life some of my ideas.

8. Can you tell us something about your personal life? How would you describe yourself?
I am a loyal friend, a good listener, a child at heart – even though a little bit moody sometimes, very artistic and I enjoy creative pursuits. I love long walks, warm, honest conversations and crafting.

9. I will have to quote you: “Fantasy is my friend and comrade.” So tell me, what do you love the most about the fantasy world, books, movies, fantasy art or something else?
Inspiration comes from every aspect in which fantasy is contained; it might either be a book, a movie or digital art online. My secret passions though are the classical fairy tales that our parents used to tell us when we were children. I’m also very influenced by the world of Dungeons and Dragons, as it contains every kind of imaginary creature that I’m aware of and many more that I could have never possibly imagined.

10. Does music play a big role in your life or serves as an inspiration? What genres on music do you listen and do you attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
Music is always a good companion, it comforts me and it gives me courage when needed. It is highly inspirational and provides me with ideas to improve either in my art or personal life. My favorite genres are classic rock and metal, but I’m always open to new influences. I like listening to music everywhere I go, but I think that everyone enjoys the comfort of his house to listen to his favorite tracks.

11. How much have you and your life changed since you first started working as a photographer?
I think my life changed a lot; the nature of this profession demands a lot of socializing, lots of speaking (which I am not very fond of) but I believe that it is good that I am forced to be more extroverted due to my job rather than isolating myself all day long, doing nothing.

12. Can you share some photographer wisdom and advice for people who also love photography and consider starting their career in that type of art?
It definitely needs lots and lots of practice not only in Photoshop, but also in the raw files. Internet is a valuable asset, there are lots of examples that one can be inspired of, as well as Photoshop tutorials and photography lessons. Take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes- it’s the perfect way to learn and set realistic goals depending on the abilities that you have.

13. What is, in your opinion, the biggest compliment and respect that photographer could receive?
Many photographers think that they gain respect when their work is being published in magazines or through the reach they have on social media. For me the biggest compliment is the respect I receive from the people I collaborate with and from those who have more experience than me in this particular field.

14. How do you feel when you see your work posted on our Facebook page and other similar pages?
It feels great. It gives me a really positive feeling to see that people like my creations and all the hard work of me and my associates gets recognized.

15. I was super excited for doing this interview with you, but (unfortunately) everything has it’s end, just like this lovely chatting with you, so for the closure, what would you like to say as a Good bye to your faithful fans and our dear readers?
Thank you for supporting me and following my work, it is nice listening to nice words and having people who support your work.

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