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Interview with Sygin

Young alternative model from Poland

Cover credits: Photographer: Krystian Tokar Fotograf

She is another precious jewel from Poland. This girl is one of the prettiest models I’ve ever seen on the alternative/gothic scene.
Her charming, yet hypnotizing look and her charisma can make you forget your own name. Her photos are indescribably beautiful and filled with colors and life, each and every one of them tells its own story.
Keep on with the reading and you will get to know a little more about this young lady who we all know by the name Sygin.

1. When did you decide to start with your modeling career and what made you fall in love with an alternative modeling?
Even since I remember, I was interested in photography and various subcultures. I always wanted to distinguish myself from the crowd. Alternative modeling gave me a possibility to find people who are similar to me. This is the main reason, why I fall in love with this type of photography.

2. What does your modeling name represent to you, how did you choose it and would you like to reveal your real name?
It is from Nordic mythology. Sygin was a wife of Loki – A god of lie and mischief. I really like the character of Loki. The name Sygin is really catchy and easy to remember. Thus I used it and under such name I am working in the world of alternative modelling. My real name is not a secret though. Many people who are writing to me in private or through the fan-page, are calling me Dagmara.

3. How do you find all that preparation for shootings that sometimes lasts for hours? Do you enjoy creating new look with perfect make-up, matching jewelry and clothes?
Usually my photos are being made from day to day. Thus I am planning my clothes, accessories and place in the last minute. I love to combine accessories and see, how do they look on photos. The makeup which I have on my photos is my everyday makeup. I only need 20 minutes to prepare it.

4. Do you remember your very first photo-shoot and can you share some details and feelings about that event?
The very first photos, (different than family photos and selfies) were made by accident, about 7 years ago. When I was walking through the town, a girl asked me if I would be a model for her photos. I was 12 years old and I was shocked by such proposition. Photos disappeared but I plan to find them.

5. We all know that you’ve done over a hundred photo shoots, so do you have your favorite shooting and least favorite?
I love a photo made by Marta Job in December 2015. The idea with windblown material was awesome. I have a lot of photos, which I don’t treat as particularly “great”. I would love to change them – Though it is typical for my character. I always find something to nitpick.

6. Are there any aspects of a modeling career that you haven’t explored yet and are there some things that you would always avoid?
Unfortunately many people think that I am doing nothing more than making photos. They don’t respect my privacy. Ask about my personal life, want photos which I never send to public – It won’t be a surprise but they also ask about naked photos. It is really annoying. Luckily they are in minority. There are many people who observe me, have a respect for me and my work and now that I need time for myself. I am avoiding making naked photos and photos of me in sexual acts. There is time for everything. I do not need to do such things now. I think that I have still much to discover in the area of modeling. I just started after all.

7. Is there some particularly special model who inspires you and who is your very personal favorite?
I love Kat Von D, Monami Frost, Morticia and Wednesday Adams. Though, they are not so much of models. They are so to say, role models or behavior models.

8. Can you tell us something about your personal life and how would you describe yourself? Who is Sygin when she’s not posing in some awesome outfit with the perfect make-up?

To be honest very often you can find me at my home in simple t-shirt, Marvel short and glasses. In such outfit I am surfing through internet in order to find pics with cats 🙂 I just finished my high school education and I am planning to work on my summer holidays. I am pretty normal girl and my life is typical to be honest.

9. Does the music play a big part in your life and what music genres do you prefer? Do you attend a lot of concerts or you prefer enjoying in music in home atmosphere?
Obviously yes. Music is very important in my life. I prefer rather dark music. Though I am not focusing only on one genre. I love concerts. It is awesome when a group of people, who love the same band, are able to meet in one place.

10. Name your favorite book, movie and TV show.
My favourite book is “Pet Sematary” by  Stephen King,  a movie is “Deadpool”(He won everything with mask of Huge Jackman) and tv show will be “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”. I love Marvel as you can see.

11. Back to the modeling theme, what do you consider your biggest career highlight so far?
In my opinion my biggest success is the fact that so many people find me interesting.
I mean companies, photographers. I remember when I was happy, as soon as I gain 1000 likes. I thought that “it was something” (I still think in such way). After all, so many people wanted to see my photos, not to mention current situation. For me, each person who wants to see my photos is a success.

12. Can you name your favorite brands of clothing and jewelry?
Yes I can. I love and Alchemy Gothic – They are quite popular Brands. However is there a surprise in this? I love purses from Restyle. They are unique. Making the character of every stylization while I was astonished by necklace from Alchemy Gothic with the skull of raven. Rather on I found more beautiful jewellery.
From Polish companies I like La Venda Art. And Argenta Mistica – My style exactly.  The owner of La Venda Art, knows how to perfectly join together a pieces of jewellery. I have a necklace created by Her. It fits everything and has „Zing”.
I didn’t have a contact with Argenta Mistica yet, unfortunately. Though, I was only able to admire their jewellery on Facebook. You can say that men do not know a thing about it, however, he is an exception.

13. Who is your biggest support in your modeling career, who gives you strength to keep fighting in this beautiful and yet cruel and tough modeling world?
My biggest motivation is audience who observe me. Each new like or comment is giving me a motivation to work.

14. How much have you changed since you first started as an alternative model?
I think that I did not go through minor changes. The only thing is that I spend more time on photography sessions. However, this is understandable, isn’t it?

15. Do you have some special plans for photo-shoots in future that you would maybe like to reveal in this interview or just “feed” us a small hint?
Very soon I am going to have my first session with professional stylist. It is something completely new for me. After all, I always took care of my look by myself. There are going to be photos in the white dress. It is also new for me, hehe 🙂

16. It was true pleasure and honor for me to chat with you, so to end this interview: what would you like to leave as a message to your faithful fans, followers and our precious readers?
Thank you. I really appreciate that you wanted to make this interview with me. I think that my fans know that I would not be able to make such success without them – I am really grateful for that.
I thank them deeply from my heart for being with me, for support and motivation <3.

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