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Interview with Stephanie Jud

Swiss photographer with a passion for goth and fantasy photos

Stephanie Jud is a very talented young Photographer living in Switzerland, she does all types photo-shoots but her creative mind made her very good in goth and fantasy pictures. So let’s know a bit more about her and her work.

1. How would you describe yourself?
I see myself as a creative woman, sometimes a little crazy, but that’s a good thing. I am very ambitious in what I do and am constantly working on the development and implementation of new ideas. I love mystical and imaginative pictures and want to show this also in my photographs. As a photographer I want to enchant and touch people.

2. Did you always want to be a photographer?
In my younger days I photographed a lot, by that time of course still analog. But over time I lost the relationship to photography.

It was only in 2008 when I bought a simple digital camera for traveling. My images did not just open doors to a new world for me, but also for my mother who has a visual impairment. This reawaked my passion for photography and I wanted to show my view of the world not only to my mother but also to others.

After my emigration to Switzerland I bought myself an SLR camera and started taking photography courses at the School of Design in Bern. Photography became increasingly important in my life and in me awoke the desire to become a professional photographer. In October 2013, I fulfilled my wish and since then I have been working as a freelance photographer and have my own studio in Bern.

3. I see you make all kinds of photo-shootings, some fantasy or alternative as well. Is that something you enjoy doing or is just one more job?
I love gothic and alternative images. These types of images can transfer the viewer to different and unknown worlds. This is my intention as a photographer: I want to enchant people with my pictures and to them dream. But I also like romantic and playful images. My next steps will be to combine these two pictures styles.

4. Do you have a favorite type of photo-shoot?
I like shootings in ancient ruins. The old walls tell the story of an era long gone by and have a mystical aura that affect the whole shooting.

5. Do you like to be involved with the creative part of the photo-shoot, like picking a theme getting the right model the right clothes the right?
The creative part in a photo shooting is very important to me. Often a model comes with its own shooting ideas to me. Before the photo shooting, we exchange thoughts about the clothes, accessories and suitable locations.

I am currently mainly working on the implementation of my own shooting ideas. Thus I am responsible for the whole creative process including the theme, clothing and styling of .the model. In the future I would even like to create my own jewelry for the shootings.

6. So do you have fun on the back stage with all that happens In a photo shooting that we don’t get to see?
Oh yes, we have a lot of fun! And I think it’s very important that a shooting approach is not too serious. A relaxed atmosphere with room for laughs and fun affects the whole team, the model is relaxed and transfers to the final image.

7. Is there someone you really liked to photo-shoot with or someone you would like to in the future?
I don’t want to commit to someone, because there are so many great people and everyone is special in his or her own way. My first priority is the final image and my vision of the shooting.

8. From all the amazing pictures you have I bet it’s hard to choose a favorite, but do you have one shoot that you treasure most?

My last photo shooting with Lunar Storm and the make-up artist Chantti was very special for me. The location, the weather and the team, everything was perfect. In this shooting I was able to implement a new style, which I would like to refine in the future.

9. Do you have an idol or a place where you get your inspirations from?
I get my inspirations every day again from many different things like music, movies, emotions, also from other artists. For me it is important to see the images of other artists and understand them. But I have no real idol. For me it is more important to find and develop my own style, because only then I can explain to people my own visions and feelings.

10. What is your main goal in this work, any life dream you really want to achieve?
I am already living my dream: Last year I started my own photography business and opened my own studio in Bern. Eventually I would like to publish a photo book and realize my first exhibition. I want to touch people with my pictures and make them dream.

11. With so many great pictures out there you do have many fans what would be the message you would like to leave them?
Thank you for your support, I very grateful for it!

What I would like to say: I’ve often experienced that many people see only the model in an image. But behind a final picture there is a whole team. Don’t forget the make-up artists, stylists and of course the photographers.  They all account for a big share of the work in a shooting including the make-up, setting, image processing, and therefore the final look of an image! Without this cooperation good pictures would not be possible!


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